Freeday 26 February 1999

Silly pic of the day: The firemen of Daggerfall spend a lot of time training for all eventualities. Luckily, there are usually enough volunteers. Actual fires are rare, despite the prevalence of fireball spells, probably because most houses today are enchanted with Resistance to Fire.

Gack! It's Freeday, and I ran off from work leaving my Infinity CD behind! And I only have like 4 tracks on my MiniDisc! Lucky thing I'm going back to work tomorrow. I don't usually do that on the Saturday, but we have a load of stuff that should be run before yesterday and which I couldn't run during the day because it interfers with some work which must be done before the end of the month... That kind of stuff. Plus, I'm like 23 hours in the red so I better show up a bit more. (Well, probably just 22 hours after today, but you get the drift.)
So, if I'm in suitable health, I intend to waltz off to my "work"place somewhere around noon tomorrow, play my favorite CD loudly while the computers do most of the hard work, and tap-tap the qwerty a bit. I'll not get time to make macaroni & cheese before I go, though, and it will probably be too late when I get home. Oh well. You have to "work" sometime, I guess.

Lately, I have reflected over the important question: Is a high standard of living really ethically wrong, or is it a purely religious sin, like eating pork or beef? I mean, if I spend my money on fashion clothes and expensive food, it's not like that money is sucked into a black hole and removed from our universe. It's simply redistributed to other people (in the first instance the shopkeepers, though they probably have their expenses too) and so these other people can, in theory, do whatever good deeds I was supposed to do with the money. And all the while I'm keeping people employed who would otherwise not be. (Well, if nobody else bought the products either.)
There is the ethical dilemma that I might contribute to mis-allocation of resources. But this can (and probably will) also happen if I pay taxes, which often seem to be spent on some truly weird things, like paying the low-IQ part of the populace to outbreed the rest, or storing up various weapons that are too terrible to actually use.

Anyway, have a great Freeday everybody, and welcome back!

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