Sunday 7 February 1999


Pic of the day: Out in the fresh air again. The winter jogging suit is slightly warmer and very soft. The white jogging shoes are as before, but this time I tried with gauze on one heel and cotton on another. It seems that none of them took any damage from this trip, which was a bit longer than the one which made me put the shoes aside (on January 1).
This is good, because the ordinary walking shoes are worn down to the point where they are no longer fit for long trips. I ought to buy new, but I have to save all my money (and then borrow some) for the "serious" black suit and all the other stuff for my old friend's wedding. It would have been simpler if she could have waited a couple of months, but no. "In for an inch, in for a foot" or whatever the foreigners say.

Night dreams again. First, I was about to quit playing a roleplaying game when one zombie begged me not to, because he had found a particular magic ring of unusual high quality. I was somewhat amused and decided to save the game rather than just quit.
Then there was a long dream in which I returned to school where I had been away for a week, and found that a lot of things were changed in the computer room. In fact, almost nothing was as I remembered it. I used most of the dream to familiarize myself with the new computer systems. Turns out that I - but no one else - could use the computer system as a gateway to teleport my physical body to/from several places. The other students were not in any way surprised by this. In fact, they were disappointed that I had not looked at the computer lab while I was away, as they supposed that I could see a place without being there.

Slightly edited my main page. Partly this is to deflect all Daggerfall queries to the dvMUD site where my pages are now being updated. The Concerned Parties Guide to Daggerfall Nudity is now expanded with a JPEG appendix showing examples of the various "nude" characters. I think most parents, nannys and politicians would agree that if this is the worst, then sending kids to school is a lot worse for their impressionable young souls. In fact, during much of my life I've seen more vivid images than those just by closing my eyes. (I think it's starting to get better now, though.)

I also really feel like ranting about the common human practice of defending one's truth by shying away from all sources that may contradict one's prejudices. There is a lot to say about that, and it really doesn't fit into any of my current categories. I feel pretty strongly about this, because it is my honest belief that this is a crucial link in the chain that leads to war and repression. Prejudice is a necessary part of the way our brain works, but we have to be aware of it.

Rosa's Wardrobe - more red and gold.

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