Thursday 11 February 1999


Pic of the day: Screenshot from Civ2, where I'm playing my own Desert Planet scenario. It's not much of a scenario, I've done almost nothing with the graphics, basically just made a desert planet and tinkered with the terrain values. My premise is that the soil on this planet is poison to Earth plants, so it will give no food regardless of terrain type or irrigation. Food (and lots of it) come from the scattered lakes and oases (really small lakes), and the mountains give lots of resources (minerals) whereas the small native "woods" give resources and trade. I wanted to see how the AI responded to these drastically altered conditions. Well, it does not really keep up. Some patterns seem to be coded explicitly, and the AI doesn't (for instance) jump to the conclusion that food caravans would make possible mining cities in the mountains, which could then again produce all the military units. Oh well.

I have a wheelbarrowload of ideas about redesigning (probably improving) my website, but tonight I'm to lazy and tired to do anything requiring even the least of willpower. Instead I'm slacking with games.

Tomorrow is payday and I'm supposed to pay a stack of bills that will fall due this month and buy ridiculous clothes that I don't need and can't really afford. (Well, I can, but that means that a new PC is delayed that much.)
Again I ask myself, is it really worth it just to demonstrate to the chicks that I'm rich and good looking, when in fact 1) I'm not rich, 2) I'm not good-looking, 3) I can't really do anything with them once they're suitably (heh) impressed. Anything that would be worth this much would definitely be against my religion...
I guess it really boils down to showing some extra respect for my old friend the bride, to show her that I don't diss her just because she's no longer the innocent pietist girl I knew and loved for those years when we were hanging around together, laughing like friends do while she grew up to this beautiful and considerate woman. Things have changed, as things always do, and I could see us growing apart. But my friendship is unconditional, free and eternal; not a desire to own, but a desire to give. I do not rewrite the past, but pluck from its fields the moments of beauty which I want to preserve for all my days. People may disbelieve what I say, but they are more likely to believe what I do. So I do what I must, to be me.

Rosa is back in Rosa's Wardrobe.

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