Monday 8 February 1999


Pic of the day: The half-naked truth.
(Optional song clip by Leonard Cohen.)

I'm seriously rethinking my website, now that my Daggerfall pages are moving out on their own. I guess the rest of the site will get a more personal flavor. Then again I don't want it to be just a letter home.

I feel that I really have a lot to tell, being unique. Then again, we're all unique. Still, I'd think people might wonder why I am like I am. Why don't I have a television like other humans? Why don't I have a car or even a driver's license? If I think I am so smart, why don't I have higher education and a well-paid job? And why would a genius be a Christian? Why would a Christian read the Koran/Quoran, Bhagavadgita and Dhammapada? Why do I almost never see my family, who I sincerely like and respect, while others who hate their family hang out with them all the time? Why don't I have a family of my own? Why don't I tell this mysterious "Supergirl" that I love her? And if I don't love her, why am I acting like a lovesick pigeon?
There are reasons for all of the above, some of them good. And that's just scratching the surface, really.

In short, I have a feeling that I've not been showing the real me, but a heavily censored version indistinguishable from your average nerd. This is probably going to change, but I'm not sure how fast or how far.

P.S: My news server is strange today, there is next to no new posts in any of my favorite newsgroups. Given that my mail server is in the same company, I may not have received any mail you sent me last day or so.

Well, you can still look in Rosa's Wardrobe.

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