Wednesday 17 February 1999


Dreamt a long dream tonight. I was some kind of political do-gooder, and became aware that there was to be an attempt on my life. I did my best to avoid it, but finally the assassin caught up with me and shot me from a safe distance, and I died.
But that was not the end. Rather, it was the beginning. For my soul, or astral body or whatever, was whisked away to the city of the dead, or whatever I should call it. Not Heaven or Hell or some such, but a place closer to this world. More experienced "souls" taught me the ropes, how to navigate this world and how to peek in on the one I left behind. Everybody seemed quite unconcerned with the murder, as well they might, since I was quite alive just in a changed form. Among other things I learned that in my energy form I could easily be summoned even with normal playing cards, at least if I wasn't prepared, but that it was just a minor annoyance: Being essentially thought, I could move to where I had been just by thinking of it.
Needless to say, this was just another dream, and I don't expect anything like this to happen.

On a somewhat unrelated topic, the recent Viagra craze has set me thinking. See, America and much of Europe is officially Christian, and to the best of my knowledge the official Christian point of view still is that sex before marriage should be kept to a minimum. And it just so happens that in these parts of the world, capitalism decrees that people not marry until they're 25-30, in general. So there should be this enormous market just waiting for the ANTI-VIAGRA, the ultimate impotence pill that makes the male go limp at the very thought of the complementary sex. Right?
So where is the heavy investment into research and development? One should at least expect the major churches and congregations to donate a sizable portion of their tithes towards this noble goal. And how about the governments of all these great and glorious Christian nations? Surely they would reach out a helping hand to the struggling young people who suffer deeply at the hands of their hormones?
And certainly there must be a mass market here. Think of all the young people, knowing that they can't afford to marry for seven long years more, yet desperately wanting to keep to their purity and innocence of body as well as soul. God knows, it's not that easy! (Well, at least Jesus knows, presumably.)
So where are the lines of, umm, potential customers? Could it be that, after all, unmarried men (and perhaps even some women) regard some genital stimulation as a valuable part of their lives, and theology be damned? You could almost suspect that.
No, there won't be personal testimonies at tonight's meeting. Now go home all of you.

(Wow! Religion AND sex! If I now don't get any e-mails, I have to start appearing topless in front of my camera.)

Sometimes Rosa's Wardrobe is not stranger than reality after all.

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