Moonday 22 February 1999


Pic of the day: Say what you will about snow, but it is cool!

Well, my web space was finally full again. So, after having had the two Daggerfall places in parallell, it's time for the final exodus, with those disgusting "this page has moved" which I don't particularly like to find myself, but which are a lot better than just an error.

Since it turns out the Daggerfall pages were not really large at all (the new ones are much more so, with all the illustrations), I also have to remove November from my archieves. Sorry. I guess there won't be a lot of people (except search engines) who would have read them anyway. I'll keep them on a zip drive here just in case I find some way to get them back online - there were some really nice clothes there. Then again, if I live long enough, I will probably wear those again. At least I'll hopefully not have to arm myself against rabid THORN agents trying to get a handful of pesos by telling me that they know where I live.

I've also started work on my Frequently Unasked Questions page. Because most people would probably not even imagine the possibility of a modern man living without a tv or a car, for instance. My somewhat long-distance "love life" probably fits in there too. I'm not sure it should replace my current personal page - they are very different. But so far I've just done part of it. If I live long enough, it will probably show up.

Oh, and went back to Notepad to make the pages. Programmers File Editor is nice enough, but for some reason it always started the files as read-only. I seriously consider hunting for an English version of Notepad, though. The Norwegian version has Alt-f g to save instead of Alt-f s as is good and proper. I don't need distractions when I'm writing, I usually have my brain pretty full right then. And you know, men can only think of one thing at a time. In fact, I've been told we can only think of one thing at all. ("Except for brothers", according to my source.)

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