Wednesday 3 February 1999


Pic of the day: Daggerfall tip #365: Never cast "Wizard lock" on your front door if you just sneak out with the trash, or to set fire to the neighbor's dog, in the middle of the night. (Some picture editing - I am sad to say that the use of windows was never implemented in this otherwise highly realistic role playing game.)

In other news: Bought The Spellsong War by L.E.Modesitt Jr., the sequel to The Soprano Sorceress. I actually liked the first book. Not my favorite and not a ready candidate for re-reading, but it had an unusual concept of magic and an interesting twist of the familiar plot "hero from our world is transported to magical world". And while this Modesitt person seems to take after Melanie Rawn in the delight in creating nobles and then killing them, it is done with less detail and usually it seems connected to the plot.
Sorry, I still haven't finished Brightness Reef (by Brin, I believe). Perhaps someday.

Folks, I'm sort of surprised that there's no computer game on the market in which you can play the role of a Software Association Agent tracking down and ruthlessly exterminating software pirates. Nobody heard about opinion building? Well, at least I can chase space pirates in good old Privateer, and sea pirates in The Patrician. Not that I expect my younger reader to remember those.

A golden day on Rosa's Wardrobe page.

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