Sunday 14 February 1999

Beyond reality

To quote Solar, Man of the Atom: We fail to imagine and are punished with reality.
(Pic of the day, however, is of New Scientist, a quite serious British magazine with lots of science job ads and things like that. No New Age stuff at all.)

Another early dream! Curiouser and curiouser! This time it was "Supergirl"s father who was in my living room. I was standing outside the large windows there, watching his daughter who was to the right, also outside. I was absentmindedly scratching an itch near my ... genitals, when I became aware of him watching from inside. (Who watches the watchmen here?) And the only thing I could think was, 'he probably thinks I'm masturbating while looking at his daughter!' Without thinking, I lashed out with my Will (magic, the Force, whatever) attempting to retroactively teleport him away, back to Oslo. Now, teleporting a grown man from Kristiansand to Oslo without even touching him is quite a feat. Trying to change the past, even by half a minute, is sheer hubris. I became acutely aware of that: There was this horrible buzzing/grinding sound, and the world was swimming and darkening around me as I started to lose consciousness.
Then I woke up. The disorientation and the sound inside my head continued, however, until I managed to turn over on the other side and force my eyes open. Then the feeling subsided at once. I looked at the alarm clock and I had slept less than half an hour.

Called Germany today (at 2 PM to be sure she was awake) and wished her a happy Valentine's Day, whereupon we discussed clothes, and the biochemical processes behind the destruction of vascular endothelium in capillaries of diabetes patients. Where in the world do you find a person you can talk with about everything? I really did not know that I missed that in all those years.

Oh, and I got an electronic Valentine card today. Nice enough. By the time you read this, it's probably too late for you to send a card to your own valentine from, but they may (theoretically) be there next year around too. Anyway, it was a very cute card, even though it was almost certainly not from a real person. Anonymous Valentine? How convenient, especially with the hint on their website that if you get an anonymous card, you might consider sending one to a suspect. :)

For the less than valentine among you, perhaps you prefer a link to the adventures of Breakup Girl. I can't help liking this kitchen table online comic with associated forum and recommended reading. And I get high on expressions like "apartment of justice". Sorry about that.

It's been a mild day outside again, and I've been out walking and listening to music, in between playing my Civ2 scenario (as long as my wrist allows), cooking dinner and playing Daggerfall (obviously it uses other wrist muscles than the strategy games!). Oh, and the Internet stuff: E-mail (I love e-mail, did you know that?), Usenet, and the occasional website.

Quote of the day: "The opportunity to raise bilingual children is a gift of skies."

Seen Rosa as Sun Priestess in Rosa's Wardrobe?

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