Saturday 13 February 1999


Pic of the day: The sun is just a star.

Tonight I dreamt that I came unannounced to the house of "Supergirl"s parents and just walked on in as if I belonged there or something. Then as I scanned the house I found that she wasn't there at all. (Duh! Of course she wasn't. She's in Germany!) I felt seriously stupid and beat a hasty retreat.
I woke up and looked at the clock, and I had been sleeping for less than half an hour, much less than would be normal to enter vivid dream phase of sleep. As if this dream had been waiting impatiently to be dreamt.
Only today did I wonder what made me believe that I could somehow just walk on in if she had been there. I wouldn't have done that to my own parents or brothers, just pop in without warning. Not after I grew up, certainly. I am very meticulous about telling people when I come. (Doing unto others as I want them to do unto me.)

This morning I woke with a snatch of melody from the (very) Norwegian song "Blåveispiken", literally "blue anemone girl" which was also the original context. However, the name of the flower has also taken on the meaning facial bruise (particularly around the eyes), which gives the title a much more sinister meaning...

Oh, and I've gone and bought those clothes that I have been harping on and on about. They're sort of nice, but way too upper class for me to feel comfortable in. And too urban. I'm smart but I'm not urban. I'm born and bred a farmer, and it shows in the way I move.

Apart from some shopping, I've been eating and munching. Macaroni and cheese is just so good. I thought I was one of ten persons in the world to like this kind of stuff. Turns out most of the civilized (English-speaking) world is munching some variant of macaroni cheese or cheese macaroni. Oh well.

In other news, the small but tasty pizza shop under our office block is moving far away. No pizza for lunch! What am I to do? Eat dry whole grain loaves with sweaty cheese on? Pinch me. I'm a Programmer! Perhaps not very actively so, but I'm one of the thousands of babies that were born after the aliens distributed the Programmer retrovirus. It spread all over the world and randomly ingrained itself in the genome of newly conceived children, making them semi-mutant Programmers. When exposed to caffeine, sugar and pizza, the Programmer genes will activate and compulsively force the subject to shift to a higher level of mental activity. (Don't tell the government that I've leaked this terrible secret, OK?)

Collected the first two weeks of Rosa & Friends wardrobe showoff on my Daggerfall site. The Wardrobe Gallery is almost pure graphics (JPG) and I can't see why you would look at it unless you have a fast modem and/or a strong interest in women's clothing. :) I just put it up because someone asked me to.

Long-legged Linda stars in Rosa's Wardrobe today.

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