Monday 1 February 1999


Pic of the day: Icky clothes. And don't even mention a tie to me.

Gack! Imagine my feeling when I looked at this week's issue of The Economist and found the same rant as yesterday's soapbox, only several pages more elaborated. It's like coming to the party in exactly the same clothes as a friend, only he came first. Because not only has The Economist been on the stands since Freeday, but I even have a pointer to the Net edition on my homepage. Double-duh!

Today was bright and mild, almost too bad to be on work till after dark. (I was out around lunch, though, as usual.) The shops are reluctantly closing their january sales. Reluctantly, because shopping isn't what it used to be. Sales have slowed down noticeably here in Norway after high interest rates have hit the young borrowing generation hard on the head. The rates are now slowly edging down again as we shift from irrational exuberance to depression (talking economy here, not my personal emotions). But the shops have found that the rosy predictions from last year are unlikely to hold. Some have to cut prices drastically to get their wares out of shop.
Of course, the trousers that I've been drooling for are NOT on reduced prices. I'm going to hold out on them. I am. Nobody is going to buy them if they are destined for me. Yeah, right.

Anyway I really should try to put away a bit of money each month, or most months. Next month there's bound to be some travel expenses and presumably a gift for the wedding, but even worse: There's no way around it, I'm going to need a new suit. Ick! I love buying clothes, but I don't love to throw away loads of money on something utterly unoriginal. Those church occasion suits are all so look-alike and yet the discerning eye will immediately notice if I've bought a cheap imitation that will fall apart in the first wash. (As if one ever need to wash those! I can count on my fingers the people who are going to be buried or married for the next generation or so, requiring me to dress up like something out of the Victorian era.) I sooo hope that Supergirl is back in time to help me shop this thing, because there's no way she'll approve of it else. And in this wedding there is a definite chance that people will think whatever I wear is an important statement.

Rosa as superhero? Only today in Rosa's wardrobe page!

Note: While rummaging for icky clothes, I found this box which contained Win95 and display drivers for my current machine. I think. I'm going to try to re-install Win95. Hopefully this will correct my CD-ROM problems. Perhaps even my graphics problems, though I doubt it. On the other hand, it could theoretically shut my PC down really hard. If you don't see me for a couple of days, don't call the police. If it's more than a couple of days, though ...

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