Wednesday 24 February 1999


Pic of the day: Has a slight but persistent headache today. As I'm sure I've told you every time, I rarely have a headache at all. Could go to work, though. And good thing it's not a heartache!

The list of previous diaries was getting unwieldy, so I rewrote it into a tiny "calendar" table. In addition to crying "Hi, I can do tables ... sort of", it should presumably be easier to use, more comfortable to view, and definitely take less space. If anyone don't have a tables compatible browser, mail me now so I can backtrack.
I've avoided any fancy layouting, like making the cells equal in size or centering the dates within them, until I know if all browsers support that kind of luxury. (Or I might just be lazy, and you would never know!)
And for your ultimate browsing convenience, I intend to always include a "Yesterday" link first, so those of you who don't like calendars can have a linked list instead. All because I love you and want to show it! :)

Was at work til after dark. Which did little to improve my mood, to put it that way. At the end of the day, I was beset by dark fantasies about exposing my coworkers' shameful secrets. Be aware, however, that I do not think I am the kind of person who would actually do that in reality.

Quote of the day: "Mashed potatoes were never mean to anybody". (From the comic strip "Second Chances".)

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