Monday 15 February 1999


Pic of the day: My animal desire ran away with me today again, and I bought Catz II (now cheap). Yes, yes, I already have three dogz taking turns barking and begging and fighting on my desktop. But I thought perhaps catz would be less demanding. Now of course I have BOTH the dogz and li'l Fluffy here. I wonder how they will all get along ...

Slight update of my homepage last night (at around 02 in the night, more precisely, and it just might show). Mainly I've thrown in a navigation table near the top, so repeat visitors (if any) can skip directly to the parts that interest them. I have the impression that tables are supported by all browsers now in use. If your browser does not support tables, please mail me!
I'v sectioned things a bit more, in preparation for perhaps splitting into more pages.

I have no plans to introduce frames. I don't even like them. Because: Frames are not supported by all browsers. Frames hog screen estate, precious for us with small monitors and low resolution. And some people get stuck in them, particularly the less experienced Windows users.

Bought home a large bottle of drinking water today. This may sound utterly trivial to my alien^W foreign readers, but here in Norway water is very far from a scarce commodity. (In fact, a lot of it is falling down outside right now.) Tap water around here is good enough for cooking and even herbal tea, but try to drink it bare and it tastes faintly of metal and less faintly of rubber (?!). Usually I drink milk (and lots of it) which is also slowing down my (usually) too active digestion, but there can be too much of a good thing. Also water is far preferable for diluting juice and such!

There is also the consideration that water here on the south coast contains a bit more aluminium than some people consider ideal. While most scientists seem to have left the theory that aluminium can provoke Alzheimer's dementia, the fact remains that this terrible illness is quite common here along the south coast. That's the kind of coincidences I don't really want. So I thought I should do something while I still remember to.

Now perhaps I can sneak in a few years of Civ2 desert scenario playing. I've noticed that the Germans and Japanese don't get along too well, so I intend to send some unemployed settlers and build a road between their capitals. That should keep the two out of my hair for a while. Or it might backfire. In which case it's just a game. If it works, it's my strategic genius shining through...

As usual, here's Rosa's Wardrobe, dress-up doll deluxe.

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