Thursday 4 February 1999


Pic of the day: Me and Scientific American's theme issue "Intelligence". Quite good reading. Well, actually I was looking at the cute girls on pages 72-73.

Today I woke up from a long confusing dream, something about a cave and a town and some more or less supernatural stuff that was forgotten even as I woke up. The only thing I remember clearly is the end. Where first a man who was presumed dead, and then an angel-voiced young woman, was singing "Lykkeliten". For my non-Norwegian readers, this well-known song (meaning "small one of happiness") is all about the joy, the wonder, apprehension and hope around a newborn child. This is getting pretty transparent. (Presumed dead, yeah, right!) But the song was sooo beautiful. I've been humming or whistling it all workday. Wonder what my colleagues are thinking.

Yesterday I went and ordered a black suit for the wedding I've mentioned. What with the bride being my best friend for much of my grown life, I think it is sort of meaningful to throw out a painful part of my moderate wage to buy an obsolete set of clothes that I will rarely ever use and never feel comfortable in. This is, after all, civilization. And while I may always feel uncomfortable with the pointlessness of its trappings, civilization has generally been a benefit for me. I guess it's payback time.

Also, just as for the peacocks, a costly and useless outfit impresses the chicks. Evolution is a bitch.

Rosa's having a friend over at Rosa's Wardrobe page. Meet Birgitte. Rosa will be back!

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