Saturday 6 February 1999


Pic of the day: Me reading "Solar - Alpha and Omega".

Today I woke up from two dream sequences. The first was about some louts who harassed a girl from Rogaland (that's the south-western province of Norway, for remote viewers). I did distract them, frustrate them and to a limited extent beat a few of them, but I'm happy to notice that I killed nobody. (When I was younger, I would have done, I mean in my dreams, I always killed the undeserving.)
The second dream was quite long, featuring glimpses from a several days long trip in England along with my Best Friend, the Supergirl. It was great, but then again things usually are where she's involved. We were eating a lot of pizza and doing some really slow shopping, and Friend thought a local booze wreck had taken her knitted cap because he had one exactly the same, except it had obviously been lying in the mud. They were on the verge of fighting over the mud-caked cap, which was somewhat entertaining in retrospect. I woke up and it had all been a dream and I've still never set foot outside Norway. :)

This afternoon I got a surprise visit from a fundamentalist friend. I don't have many friends, as I've said, and definitely not many fundamentalists. So that was sort of interesting. It should be noted that my definition of Christian fundamentalism is very different from the American definition. I believe that love and forgiveness are fundaments of Christianity, so it makes no sense to have Christian fundamentalists running around shooting and bombing. It's like pacifist snipers killing military officers - sort of counterproductive.

I could say a lot about this, but I guess I better not. After all, a significant part of my readers live in countries where Christians are poaching on the human rights and freedoms of others. I'm truly sorry about that.

It's cold outside, but the sun has been shining and the days grow longer now. It makes people feel better up here. My mother claims that the winter of 1934 was much like this one. So much for the greenhouse effect, I guess. :)

Rosa's Wardrobe today was inspired by Dire Strait's song Why worry.

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