Tuesday 2 February 1999


Pic of the day: Called SuperGirl today. As I said, this is the first time I call this month. Hey, am I getting good at this or what? Anyway, in addition to the usual exchange of news and rumors, it turned out that she's got a date in Germany. More exactly, she got the date for her surgery there. It should be mostly harmless, but she's not going to be very ... proactive ... for a while afterwards. In fact, it may be that she's not even going to be there for the wedding. (Not her wedding, obviously.) And definitely not in time to help me shop suit & tie. How am I ever going to get through that alone? Crisis! Crisis! I confidently predict that I'm going to spend at least 50% more on the textiles just to make sure they meet her approval. At least I got some guidelines. No experimenting! No fancy color of the year, none of the stuff featured in the wedding magazines. And NO WHITE SUITS! I could almost see her shudder. So much for that good idea. Black to basics, I guess.

As you can see, my computer survived the re-installation of Win95. On the up side, the CD ROM is now available through Win95 instead of real mode MS-DOS drivers, giving my DOS programs more memory, and making my file system wholly 32-bits again. On the down side, the display still has just one screen resolution, and there are now black boxes and stripes on the screen now and again, in text applications. Particularly the browser but also the newsreader. Also the sound setup was severely whacked and I had to delete and inactivate drivers and re-install them to get it back to where it was.
On the shining bright side, I can now play CDs and Daggerfall at the same time. Yay! Let's face it, the tavern music in "medieval" roleplaying games don't match current Dance music.

In the used comic book shop today I found two back issues of an American comic book title called "Young heroes in love". Hmm. I've never read it before, but there is something vaguely familiar about the title. :) Sometimes fantasy is stranger than reality...

So, is Rosa the Daggerfall linguist able to dance in today's costume? See for yourself in Rosa's Wardrobe page!

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