Tuesday 9 February 1999


Pic of the day: Daggerfall screenshot, daybreak over High Rock sea coast.

Sat up till well past two in the night writing down memories (memoirs?) from my childhood, scattered and disjointed though they may be. I'm not sure if inquiring minds need to know that I as an 8-10 year old had happy and sustained erections from reading Donald Duck & Co.[1] I guess Disney might want to sue me, if they even knew I existed. They don't, of course, and neither do most of the world. No big surprise. The surprise is the people who actually pop in on my website. I just get the domain names (if any) and I'm not sure what to think now that usdoj.gov has almost overtaken swbell.net. I hope usdoj.gov doesn't mean what I imagine it to mean... (And anyway, I'm innocent! I've been framed!)

I finished reading The Spellsong War today. I have to admit that this Modesitt person can write. He's even better than me! And impressively enough, there was no sex or gratuitous nudity in the book. It relied heavily on charred corpses and wholesale destruction, though, as befits the title.

Bought Psychology Today. I'm now officially broke, three days before payday. Pretty good timing, huh? I still have some coins for food. Everything I've saved up for the new computer will go to Victorian clothes for that wedding.

Took the Ginseng extract to job instead. It is supposed to be taken with the morning meal, but I tend to be too hazy then to remember it. Ironically, it's supposed to improve memory (among other things that require a good blood supply). Lunch is my main meal (outweighing the entire rest of the day) and by then I'm definitely awake. Ginseng is supposed to make you more awake and energetic. The alternative is to sleep enough, which would get in the way of my other interests.
Slogan of the day: "Believe in the placebo effect! Believe!"

Aloha from Rosa's Wardrobe.

[1] Yes, children do have a rudimentary "sex life", as have lambs and other young mammals. Stay out of it! If necessary tell your kid not to play with genitals in public, which is a good advice for the rest of the life anyway. 11 out of 10 child psychologists agree that grown-ups should not take part in children's "sexual" behavior.
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