Wednesday 25 November 1998


Pic of the day: The cute and cuddly creature drinks soda.
See how innocent the cuddly creature looks while drinking its Grape Soda? How could anybody even think about scaring a small innocent creature like this one? Now, that would be very evil wouldn't it? And perhaps not good for your health, either.
Back to job today. And not least, stocking up on delicious yoghurt and milk and soda. You know you're thirsty when you repeatedly mistake an inkjet print cartridge box for a milk box and want to drink it. My stomach looks and feels noticeably flatter also. Oh well. I hope to be back to normal soon.
I think I forgot to tell you yesterday that McDonalds is selling their Big Mac at a reduced price here in Norway this month, to celebrate its 15 years in Norway. And did you know that McDonalds was picked by the Norwegian consumer ombudsman as the best burger? It is made by high quality raw materials from our own country, and served fresh. Just in case anyone wanted to know. :)
Today I also bought my monthly fix of American superhero comics. No new Magical Drama Queen Roxy, but I got two normal Gen13 issues. I like Gen13, because the youngsters there are so normal (apart from their superpowers, which they only use incidentally). And they look fairly normal too, especially the girls. Well, compared to my friends they do. :)
Did I mention that I've looked at an article about Spinoza's philosophy? I think the fellow may be onto something. Though probably he's making it unnecessary complicated - that's how you become a famous thinker in the first place. If you say things are simple, people suspect you of being a simpleton. Or a politician.

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