Thursday 5 November 1998


After days of glaring at my skull, I thought you may want to see what clothes I had on today. (Yes, I tend to have clothes on while writing, usually, even where the camera doesn't reach.) I "love" these colors. I feel somewhat like a tree in fall colors: Brown treetrunk and golden leaves.
Actually, a very thin layer of snow had fallen outside this morning, and it never went completely away all day. Perhaps this is a hint that winter is here. At least it's a hint to drivers that they better get winter tyres on their cars or else let them stay at home, because it was quite slippery. But the ground still isn't completely white. :)
I dreamt that I traveled to the US (where I've never been). Everything there cost money, even to use the elevators in the high-rise buildings where people lived. There were also religious fanatics roaming around randomly. They seemed harmless enough but their eyes were vacant. Obviously my prejudices have taken refuge in my subconscious! :)

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