Freeday 13 November 1998

Comic book

It's literally freezing outside, and some roads are like soap. I hope people are driving carefully, and "no faster than their guardian angel can fly".
As I said, I have been thinking. You have to take my word for it: Failing to communicate cannot be distinguished from failing to think. I will try to set this a bit more right. After all, what else can I do? Those who have children, can always comfort themselves by thinking that their children, or grandchildren, will bring about greatness. (Actually they may be right, because of the Flynn effect.) But as I have no children (and don't exactly expect to have any) I guess my life will have no value except what I make out of it. That's a sobering thought.
I've thought about the fact that people tend to spend their time re-inforcing their truth, instead of looking for more truth. I mean, I have noticed that conservatives tend to read conservative papers and only those. Socialists tend to stick to socialist papers. Christians go to Christian meetings, and all others tend to stay well away from them. And so on. Now, it may be that curiosity killed Schroedingers cat. Still, I feel pity for those who are too small to keep several different, even opposing, views in their mind at the same time. That does not mean that I think conflicting theories can all be true, just that one should be able to view them as from inside.
Now, on the lighter side of life, there's Gen 13 Magical Drama Queen ROXY. It features young Roxanne against such fearsome enemies as the PC Queen ("Whine for peace! Snivel for justice!") and the Witless Minion ("Person of antagonism"). Suited for slightly immature readers (see picture).

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