Tuesday 3 November 1998


I "loved" this shirt at first sight, months ago, and it's still a favorite of mine.
Anyway, not a very exciting day. I woke up feeling just as bad as when I went to bed, but by now it doesn't hurt as bad any more. I take this as a good sign. Went to work as usual, was very tired in the morning despite almost seven hours of sleep. I guess sleep quality also plays a role, not just quantity. I know I'm tired when I'm seeing lots of glowing after-images whenever I move my eyes, even after the most ordinary and moderately colored objects. Luckily I wasn't so tired that everything was seen through an electric haze, so I went to work fairly early (for me).
I've read most of Farmer's The Unreasoning Mask. Science Fantasy is probably a suitable classification. There are some rather Farmeresque elements: Weird demigods, highly improbable spaceships, a very dangerous vagina, and numerous throwaway references to languages. I think this should all qualify as non-spoilers. This novel is not connected to the Riverworld series, but it does have an undertone of demented theology, similar to what made me throw my first Farmer book in the garbage bin years ago. While I don't generally recommend Farmer's books for the innocent reader (not to mention the religious), I have developed a technical admiration for his ability to disturb without the gross effects of lesser writers. In fact, some of his most tasteful writing is among the most disturbing.
I wonder if someone has already written the novel I'm working on currently (working extremely slowly in this case). The world is full of Fantasy and Science Fiction, and I have found again and again that whatever I write, someone else has either written it or (on several occasions) are doing so at the same time as I, only they finish their works and I have never done so.
I have considered commenting on the American election, but I don't like to beat someone who is already lying down. ;) Good luck, America!

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