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Friday 4 January 2008

Sims 2: College week 2, A

Thank you, Marcus. I really appreciate you testing the college for me. I can see your involvement really giving a shot in the arm to this neighborhood.

Marcus: No prob, I wanted to go to college anyway. And I am the oldest teen here, right?

Obviously you wouldn't be living alone if you weren't pretty close to college age. ^_^;

Marcus: You know, this is more like a VIP suite than a dorm room. Not that I am complaining or anything.

And as a result there is only room for 49 students. Next time I'll make a dorm with smaller rooms but more students. Dorms strike me as a great place to meet that special someone in your life.

Marcus: Actually with 49 students I already risk walking right past that special someone without noticing.

Well keep your eyes peeled! Your handsome genes must be preserved for the ages.

Look at him being all serious about his studies!

Marcus: You don't sound very manly saying those things.

I have to pitch this for the other angels, you know, most of whom are female.

Someone likes you!

Annie: He's so handsome! And smart! Besides he was the first sim I met on campus.

This is a surprisingly important factor sometimes. I am not sure why, but early arrivals tend to have a head start. Probably because they socialize more with each other than the latecomers, who have so many to divide their attention among.

You know, when a young woman wants to give you backrubs in the morning, it is usually a sign...

Marcus: What are you talking about? Could you please not speak in riddles?

Actually, I think I enjoy your cluelessness too much to spoil it yet.

Since it is hard to see from this angel... That's Jimmy Ramsey sleeping sweetly in the bed. He finally made it to college by invitation and has become a Chosen One. Congrats, Jimmy, all the hard work paid off. He who seeks shall find, and he who rings the doorbell, for him shall be opened up. I'm more worried about Marcus here. Please don't look at your friend in a way that will bring out the Scary Yaoi FanGirls.

Marcus: What is a yaoi fangirl?

It is a kind of monster that exists in the archetypal reality. They like to manipulate lower-order beings to act out of character.

Marcus: And how is letting my friend sleep in my bed going to invoke these "yaoi"?

You are better off not knowing.

Marcus: You say that a lot. I am a knowledge sim, after all.

But still a sim. The higher world has beauty and terror beyond your imagination, enough to break a sim's mind.

And here he is in almost all his glory.

Jimmy: There sure are a lot of sims on the Net!

I am baffled that you are actually a fortune sim. And with only 7 outgoing points rather than 10. You act like an all-out popularity sim, you know.

Jimmy: I just don't like being alone, OK?

Well, in a manner of speaking you will never be alone again. Enjoy your increased level of reality.

Marcus: Whew, exams were hard this year.

But you aced them again! I'm jumping back to Micropolis now to look at three more families, but I should be back before you have time to move, for your two last years and all your friends and their friends again who are coming to college. Evidently this is OK according to the rules, as long as you don't spend two full weeks at college.

Marcus: Well, I love it here, but not enough to stay for 14 years!

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