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Tuesday 30 January 2007

My Sims2: EasyLife Complex 3

Morten Rossi speaking! Welcome back to the EasyLife Complex, the place to live for Sims with other ambitions than making their own food and scrubbing their own toilets! With a small but competent staff, with apartments large enough for a small family but affordable for singles, the place has attracted young intellectuals fresh out of university as well as the odd established scientist. OK, most people would refer to Lukas as a "mad scientist", but he seems normal enough at home. In fact, he just recently convinced a former student to move in here.

Catalina Shakespeare is a well-rounded person, no matter which way you look at it. A knowledge-oriented person with a university degree and the ambition to become a top scientist herself, she fits right in here.

Of course, some political and other disagreements cannot be avoided, but they are solved (or not) in polite discussion without any lasting anger. "How hard can it be to understand that bombs are bad no matter who drops them on whom? This isn't exactly rocket science. Oh wait, it is."

With so many bright young people, the place is turning into a new "downtown", just as I planned. It is becoming the hot place to go for people from all over Nydeligrup. I can easily imagine teenagers at school saying to each other: Let's go down to EasyLife after school, there's always something going on there, and the food is good too. I could swear I've seen high-schoolers actually having a date here, as if it were some sort of restaurant with a dance floor. And in a way, I guess it is. I don't stop them: These are our future tenants, perhaps. Either them, or the friends they gush to the next day. Feeding them is a small expense, and better than throwing away old food. (Though that's less of a problem these days.) And they make their own entertainment.

Even younger kids stop by sometimes, even though we don't have anyone here at that age. I don't see many of them, though. This boy is kinda weird. I caught him standing outside the bathrooms while my wife was showering, staring at the wall as if he could somehow see right through it if he looked long enough. We all know that's impossible, of course, but it still kinda weirded me out. You keep reading about these mutants and aliens and stuff elsewhere. In fact, I hear that this one guy up in the suburbs has married a green-skinned girl, so who knows?

But back to our own residents, because there are big things going on! You remember Rebecka and Lars, our two bookworms who fell for each other? They finally decided to tie the knot, make it formal, big party and everything. Not just a quiet exchange of rings like Celeste and I did. Nope.

It was quite a moving scene, because it was so obvious that they had been looking forward to this. Never mind that half the guests were still in the cafeteria stuffing their face. You couldn't really expect anything else, with the food Dea makes. No need to hire in catering just for one wedding...

I'm pretty sure they had been waiting for this for a long time, so we just let them be alone for a while.

We all had our things to do, after all. Catalina, Lukas and I had regular jobs. The rest would write papers as they saw fit, and otherwise study or socialize. Everyone was useful in their own way. And I was already out of debt, as were some of the first tenants. The rest had no problem dealing with the payments. Things were looking good.

We even got yet another new tenant, the first on Level 3. I guess we could have fit him into the apartment Lars had left to move in with Rebecka, but we had three apartments free up top. Anyway, Anders Gydevang is not exactly the kind of face we'd put on our promotional website. And despite his good grades, he seems to lack much of the initiative the rest of us have. He is a hopeless romantic, and not necessarily in a good way. But then again so was my wife, and she has overcome her base instinct to become a productive member of the community. I can only hope it will happen again. I shall keep an eye on this man.

Not long after, Rebecka started to complain about morning sickness. I can't say anyone was surprised. It was hardly for lack of trying, I think. But of course it was a new thing to us all. I had long wanted a baby, but Celeste was totally scared of the whole thing. I silently hoped that watching another couple have children might change her mind; but truth to tell, I have more or less given up already.

Lars was very pleased about the whole thing, but then again his job in the baby making process wasn't nearly as uncomfortable. Also this was the first time she looked more pregnant than him. Lars is a thoroughly scholarly type when it comes to physical exertions, at least while on his feet.

It is amazing how big they can get, isn't it? Like a beached whale! You'd think there were twins in there, at least. Watching this did nothing to change Celeste's opinion, I'm afraid. Oh well.

And then one day it was time for the birth. Poor girl. I must admit for a moment there I could understand Celeste. I also resolved to stay clear of the big telescope in the yard for the future. It may be just a rumor, about the aliens and men coming back preggers, but still. Ouch.
[Also in this picture, notice the passer-by praying in the far background. I guess those screams can be heard pretty far, eh?]

But of course, once the baby was born, it was the Big Thing. Everyone was all "ooh baby!". With the notable exception of Anders, who was boasting about his university degree. As I said, this man needs watching.

Meet Marcus Antonius Ebak. He looks quite cute as a baby, but then again they all look much the same at that age. At least he is the right color. Not that anyone is surprised or anything.

And so the usual cheer descends on our growing community again. Everyone is getting along, and Anders seems to get along particularly well with my wife. I should be happy too, shouldn't I? I have reached my lifetime want of earning 100,000, am about to reach the top of my career, and the community I started is debt free and raking in cash, not to mention it is the hottest place in town. So why can't I rejoice with the others? What is this dark sadness inside me?

(Out of) Character notes
Catalina Shakespeare [isn't Catalina a male name anyway?]
50% Neat
30% Outgoing
70% Active
30% Playful
70% Nice
Zodiac: Pisces
Aspiration: Knowledge
[Yes, all this is EXACTLY like Lars]
LTW: Become mad scientist
Major: ???
2 lightning bolts with Lars

Anders Gydevang
50% Neat
50% Outgoing
30% Active
80% Playful
40% Nice
Zodiac: Taurus
Aspiration: Romance
LTW: Professional Party Guest
Major: ???
2 lightning bolts with Celeste
1 lightning bolt with Dea

[Mr Troutlips here pretty much is as useless as Morten sees him to be. He spends his time pillow fighting with Celeste if she is around, otherwise eating or playing.]

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