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Wednesday 31 January 2007

My Sims2: EasyLife Complex 4

Welcome back to the EasyLife Complex, the hottest property in Nydeligrup, where ambitious young men and women can concentrate on their career, their life and their love. Our small but competent staff takes care of the housework, and the financing is so generous you can move in straight from college. At the same time each apartment has room for a small family, and we even have in-house day care and private tutoring for your kids, when that time comes. You can't go wrong with EasyLife, the lifestyle of the new millennium! Your guide is Morten Rossi, CEO and chairman of the EasyLife Foundation.
In our previous visit, we saw our two resident bookworms marry and have a healthy baby, while two new tenants moved in. One of them, the guy with the trout face, became too close to my wife for my liking. Not that they actually crossed any lines, you know, but they were spending all their time together. I was not happy about this. Luckily there were better things happening soon.

Lukas, our resident "mad scientist", persuaded another of his students to move in. Babette Mendoza is kinda distracted, to put it mildly, and even managed to misplace her graduation papers. It took quite some time to get a new diploma, but eventually things got on place.
[For some reason Babette did not get her extra want slots and lock when she grew up from student to adult. I aged her back to teen with AgeSimsCheat On and sent her to college, but on arriving there she only had 72 hours left and her finals were finished. I tried the College Adjuster from TwoJeffs, to no avail. I tried to upgrade pre-uni Sim with Pescado's Lot Debugger, still no effect. The false diploma from Christianlov at MTS2, however, finally unlocked her. I have various stuff by this guy, he is a rare genius.]

As our youngest adult, or perhaps because of her name, Babette got along particularly well with the baby, Marcus Antonius Ebak. Here we see him on his birthday. We also see Babette in her nighties, a not too rare sight I'm afraid. Rebecka, our compulsive shopper, later got her a pajamas.

Marcus spent much of his time in the cafeteria and common room, and as the only child of the house he was always the center of attention. He seemed to enjoy this.

Kristin Pfieffer, here in the cafeteria, is our child care expert. She makes sure the babies and toddlers get good care and learn important life skills if the parents don't have the time. She is also able to help older children with their school work. Over the years she has become like family to us, so even when she has less to do, she is still hanging around here.

Hey, who put that picture in here???

One day we even had a visit by the legendary Green Woman and her daughter. The Green Woman is actually named Stella Itland, and her daughter Stellarina is a cute and well behaved girl. You'll see more of her later...

...because she quickly became friends with Marcus Antonius. Yes, he was about to start school at the time, which may have been why Stella wanted to introduce them, as they would go to the same class. Oh, how quickly they grow up!

Yes, the years were flying past us, and there was always something going on. Guests came and went. It was a good life. Well, apart from having to keep an eye on Anders Fishface trying to lure my wife away from me.

On the bright side, Celeste... well, there is a French proverb about getting one's appetite up while going out but eating when coming home. I am sure you understand what I mean. Still, I wished there was a more ... permanent solution.

(Out of) Character Notes
Babette Mendoza
60% Neat
50% Outgoing
80% Active
30% Playful
30% Nice
Zodiac: Scorpio
Aspiration: Fortune
LTW: Chief of Staff
Major: ???
2 lightning bolts with Lars
1 lightning bolt with Anders
1 lightning bolt with Morten

Marcus Antonius Ebak
50% Neat
90% Outgoing
70% Active
30% Playful
70% Nice
Zodiac: Aries

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