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Monday 29 January 2007

My Sims2: EasyLife Complex 2

Greetings! Here are the news from EasyLife Complex, and your host is as usual Morten Rossi, the world's second greatest entrepreneur! As you may remember from last time, we were three people in a large house, pickled in debt and fresh out of college. How would we fare in this tough world?

This is not a time and age where you can strike lucky and find a motherlode under your cellar. Smart work, and lots of it, is the key to success. Rebecka set to it with a vengeance, spending most of her days in front of the computer researching and writing popular science articles. She buys a lot of new clothes, but she is certainly pulling her own weight. As her reputation is growing, she has started to get more and more for each article. And with only 20,000 in loan she has a pretty comfortable economy.

My dear Celeste has other useful talents. She is by far the most social of us, and makes friends easily. I had originally envisioned EasyLife as a place to live for those who came fresh out of college and were used to living with strangers and having their food cooked for them. But Celeste would befriend just about anyone, and some of them started to show interest in the concept. Lukas Karvonen here, for instance, was a brilliant but eccentric scientist. He mentioned that he just might be interested if this concept proved viable in the longer run.

I, of course, was never in doubt. I started the building of the next three apartments, and hired a janitor to take some of the work off poor Dea, who would concentrate on cooking and reception work. Of course, there wasn't always anything for her to do, at least not yet, so she had plenty of time to get to know us.

Our first new tenant was actually a fellow student from Festkilde. He was the first to move into one of the new upstairs apartments. Lars Ebak was a good friend of Rebecka, or at least that was our impression. Perhaps that was all it was, too, at the time. If so, I guess the environment may have influenced them over time...

I guess the sudden positive attitude toward marriage was a kind of foreshadowing...

...especially when echoed by Rebecka. But you know what they say, love makes blind. Or at least nearsighted.

"Oh no! Not those two as well! What kind of workplace is this, a love hotel?"

It could certainly look that way.
[This picture has its own cute little history. I use Pescado's sleep clock to force the sims to go to bed in the evening so they are rested for the next workday, but it only kicks in if they are awake, of course. So like half an hour before her appointed bedtime, Rebecka suddenly jumps up from her chair in her own apartment, and runs - literally - upstairs and snuggles into Lars' bed in time before her own anti-alarm kicks in. And still there are people who think that sims don't have a REAL free will...]

"So, Lukas, want to join our happy little community? Who knows, you might find the love of your life too, in time..."

Lukas moves in! Lukas brings 2000 and various junk in his backpack. Of course, he had to take out a loan for the apartment, which costs 20,000 without furniture, wall- and floor-covering. Just one apartment left now, soon time to add another set?

Picture of the upstairs at this time, with one unsold apartment.

"Who knows", indeed...

(Out of) Character Notes
Lars Ebak
50% Neat
30% Outgoing
70% Active
30% Playful
70% Nice
Zodiac: Pisces
Aspiration: Knowledge
LTW: Max 7 skills
Major: ???
1 lightning bolt with Rebecka
-1 lightning bolt with Dea

Lukas Karvonen
20% Neat
30% Outgoing
90% Active
70% Playful
40% Nice
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Aspiration: Knowledge
LTW: Become Hall of Famer
Major: ?

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