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Saturday 2 June 2007

Screenshot anime Nagasarete Airanotou

Pic of the day: "Men are always doing meaningless things." Or, as the French proverb says: "All men are children. When a woman knows this, she knows everything."

Fast forward

It is once again time to somberly reflect on the fact that one of my best attempts at a fantasy novel, Gwalawala, is irretrievably lost because I never made backups of it, trusting it to the web site I had uploaded it to. A web site which has since gone missing, as web sites are wont to do.

Oh well. It is not like I would have completed it anyway. Perhaps I will rewrite it at some time, but probably not. My writing creativity has been waning for years now, but more rapidly of late. I am not even sure I am going to participate in this year's NaNoWriMo.

Perhaps it is part of the larger trend I see in my life toward less playfulness and more seriousness. I guess as your parents grow old and start dying off, and your nephews marry and stuff, you realize that at some point you have grown up while looking the other way. Well, grown up somewhat, I guess. I should probably not ask my Sims about that... ^^;

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