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Sunday 28 January 2007

My Sims2: Easylife Complex, 1

Welcome to the origin of the EasyLife Complex. Learn how it all began... told by the young entrepreneur who got it all started!

I think the premise of this story is pretty self-explanatory. It is not a legacy, but the story of a house. A house where a new apartment is added each time someone moves in. Here they are free to live their own lives (with a little help from their guardian angel nudging them to fulfill wants so they don't go insane) and tell their own stories with their lives. There is no plan, there is no goal, there is just a big lot and a bunch of Sims, all of them computer-generated. Not even the founder is made by me.

Let the story begin!

My name is Morten Rossi. I took my wife's name, as my family name was rather... inconvenient in my business. Also, I don't really have much contact with my family. My father died when I was little, and my mother and I were not very close. Except in space, that is. Our home was nice enough but it grew rather crowded, especially when my mother - against all advice - decided to have another child with my father's frozen sperm. I don't really think he meant for it to be used that way, when he was no longer around to provide for his children. In any case, I realized that there would have to be a change in my life.

I borrowed money for a computer with wireless Internet access, and started to learn more about the world. After studying hard, I was admitted to Festkilde University. Not a soul there knew me, nor did I care. I was utterly alone, but at least no one talked about the mistakes I had made in my early teen years. I got a fresh start.

I have heard stories about all the fun people can have during tertiary education, but I didn't see any of it myself. Mostly I spent my time studying, always keeping my goal in my mind. If not, I was fulfilling my biological needs, or earning a little money in legitimate ways, writing articles or selling my own paintings. It wasn't much, but I kept my student loan from growing at least. Well, there were a couple cute girls too, but you'll meet them later.

This is a picture of my life monument, the EasyLife complex, back just before anyone moved in. It was designed to be expandable in several directions with new apartments, and providing a cafeteria (background left) and a common room for socializing (foreground left). Yes, it was inspired by the dormitories at campus. Why not make the transition into adulthood easier by providing some of the services and environment young people are used to from campus? This was my simple and genious idea. At the same time, the apartments would be large enough to allow some private life, and even establishing a small family. Of course the most family-oriented would probably outgrow this, but in that case they may either move out or buy a new double-sized apartment at an appropriate price. The place is, as I said, ready to expand. In the foreground to the right you see the two initial apartments. The first was for me and my future wife, and the second for our friend from college. Others were interested but not yet committed enough to start building their apartments.

And here is how the ground floor looked from outside once it was finished. We put a roof on over that, of course. I will not claim beauty, but it certainly is a sturdy and solid place. You can blow and blow against the house but the little piggy bank won't get broke.

Here is me on move-in day with some of the locals. Actually not entirely local, they had come from Nydeligrup and downtown, as the Complex was the first building in the new neighborhood "Frų- og Myrvold". It was comfortably within driving distance, though. Sim City is growing rapidly, so who knows, there may come other neighborhoods nearby before this story ends. But even if not, there should be plenty of people looking for a good cheap place to live, where they can concentrate on building their career and social life rather than on burning their own toast and scrubbing their toilets. At a mere 20 000 per apartment plus running costs, it is a bargain!

I honestly did not put sleeping pills in the girls' food. Dea, our cook and janitor, might have done it though; she has a weird sense of humor. They slept quite soundly all through the night.

Dea is the one to the right, doing all the dirty work for us. To the left is my beloved Celeste Rossi. She is awesomely sexy, is she not? Though she looks like she has never seen the content of a trash can before. Come to think of it, she probably never has. Perhaps she thought they were black holes?

And here is my good friend and our first tenant, not counting myself and my beloved. Rebecka Engelbrecht is an old friend from my college years. She is a friendly and reliable girl, but a horrible bookworm. Like myself, she is a prolific writer, though her ambitions are mostly in science rather than business. She is photographed here in her bedroom. Each tenant gets to decorate their apartment as they see fit. In fact, anything except the outer walls is open to change.

Rebecka: "Hey goth chick, how about you get some color in your life?" Celeste: "Eh, I'm not sure you are the one to speak..."

(Out Of) Character notes
Morten Rossi, born Rabunduus (yes, he is the Danish version of Dustin Broke):
30% Neat
60% Outgoing
40% Active
50% Playful
50% Nice
Zodiac: Aries
Aspiration: Fortune
LTW: Earn §100,000
Major: Biology

Celeste Rossi:
50% Neat
50% Outgoing
30% Active
80% Playful
40% Nice
Zodiac: Taurus
Aspiration: Romance
LTW: Woohoo with 20 different Sims
Major: ??? (not sure where I can find this on auto-graduated students)
2 lightning bolts with Morten
Quirk: Romance sim who wants to be just friends. 4-5 "best friends with" wishes is standard. She wanted "first woohoo" and "woohoo in bed" once, but after the one time she has never wanted it again. Don't be too harsh on Morten... it was his first time as well, and he had not ever thought about it before...

Rebecka Engelbrecht
90% Neat
20% Outgoing
60% Active
30% Playful
50% Nice
Zodiac: Virgo
Aspiration: Knowledge
LTW: Maximize 7 skills
Major: ???
Quirk: The Knowledge sim that collects clothes. Whenever she has fulfilled a "skill level up" want, she rolls the "buy clothes" want. She has a lot of them by now.

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