Freeday 11 December 1998

Bad hair day

Downloaded and am testing a program called MemTurbo. Unsurprisingly, it seems to be absolutely worthless. Win95 already has a fairly good memory handling, that uses a swapfile extensively. As far as I can see, MemTurbo simply moves more stuff out of internal memory, freeing up space there. But the operating system does that anyway when needed, so why do it when it's not needed? I found absolutely no positive effect of this program.
What I could really need was some softwiz to free up conventional memory under DOS, so I can play Master of Magic on my new machine. Memmaker managed to do this on my old 486, but not here. (*Grumble*) MemTurbo definitely isn't made for this.
Brought home a big candle, a spray bottle, a couple of towels and stuff for myself. Things I almost needed. Paid a stack of bills. I better pay enough that I won't be bothered until well after Christmas. Hopefully there will be enough left to buy a few Christmas presents or at least a few new clothes for the student. I most definitely don't have money for even a moderate PC, though.

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