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Tuesday 25 September 2007

Screenshot anime Suzukaze

Pic of the day: One of the favorite statements I have learned from anime! "Stalkers are stalkers because they don't realize it themselves." But does that mean that, since I don't think I am a stalker, I am a stalker? You might be excused to think so from the stats on Last.FM...

Tsuji Ayano's fanboy!

Each week, the internet music station Last.FM shows a summary of what happened last week, both on your own listening (if you are a member, of course) and for the various artists, genres etc. Imagine my surprise when I turned on the Tsuji Ayano Radio to find my online portrait looking thoughtfully back at me from the Weekly Top Listeners.

I feel vaguely like the girls who write friends-locked LiveJournal entries about their favorite favorite football players. At least I don't write yuri... despite encouragement from said LiveJournal friends. ^^; (If you don't know what yuri means in this connection, please continue not knowing.)

The explanation is somewhat more prosaic. I recently bought a collection of some of her best songs, as well as the single from The Cat Returns (or possibly better translated The Cat Pays Back), a cute anime for which her mild and natural voice fits excellently. So I had unintentionally played some of her songs many times during that week. Given that she is a well loved artist in her native Japan, I cannot possibly stay among her top listeners in the long run. I am sure there are many young people who have posters of her in their rooms or aspire to become as like her as possible. I just happen to enjoy some of her songs very much.

Or that's what I thought until I saw a sheet of paper at work where I had scribbled "ayano" repeatedly with a gel pen. In hiragana. I don't write or even read hiragana.

Time to listen to something else for a while.

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