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Thursday 22 November 2007

Turbo Pascal books

Pic of the day: In hardcover.

Turbo sentimentality

I brought with me home from work the Turbo Pascal books. Evidently I did some Turbo Pascal programming at work, back when Windows was young, back before we had standardized programs for everything.

I think Delphi was the successor to Borland's Turbo Pascal. I never got that far. When I tried Delphi once, the stress on my wrist was too much, and I quickly stopped. It was just stressful overall. That time of my life is over. I was a pretty good programmer at my time, but it is in the past now.

No matter how you look at it, I am not going to need those books at home. I am not even sure I have the program anymore. I am sure I would not use it if I had it. So the next time I move, at the latest, I shall have to throw those books away at home instead of at work.

But right there and then, I could not get myself to throw away that small part of my life. I have thrown away so much for so long, and no doubt will again, if I live. At the very least, most of what I haven't opened since last I moved, will be thrown away if I live to move again. Regardless of whether I move to a small apartment or to another house, even a larger one, I am likely to get rid of things I never even look at.

But not right now. I have thrown away so much at work lately. It was in a way like a home away from home with all the stuff I had accumulated. Although it certainly wasn't in some other ways! So like leftovers that you put in the fridge and then patiently wait until they go moldy, I brought these books home with me to wait for them to pass even more into obscurity than they already are. And then they'll be recycled anyway.

There is probably some deeper meaning in this. Or if not, feel free to make your own.

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