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Saturday 22 November 2003

Picture anime Azumanga Daioh

Pic of the day: Gøy to the world. (West Norwegian pun, please ignore.) Picture from inspirational anime Azumanga Daioh. You have probably seen enough Azumanga when Sakaki-san makes hidden guest appearances in your novel.

Joy to the MD

The frost is gently coming back. It was early this year, but now it is late.

I am going to fail NaNoWriMo again, very much so, but not as badly as last year. I will not try to dictate all day. I do not want to ruin my voice for life, like I did my arm.

I have moved some of my attention to the last three chapters. My brain's memory buffer is getting full, what with three whole chapters being almost word for word finished. I keep going over them again and again, making only minimal changes, just refreshing them really. So I need to write them down to free up brain space. But I cannot upload them until the end of the story. Of course, most of you don't care.

I am really just writing this to show that I am still alive and having a pretty good time.

Oh yes. I found a beautiful MIDI rendition of Ode to Joy! It's on this winter page. I've been playing it over and over and over and over, which probably explains chapter 20 of my novel. This is a very happy song and I have loved it for so long and never had a good rendition at hand except the short excerpt in Civilization. ^_^ I also copied it to my MiniDisc so I can play it while walking. It's a beautiful day for a walk! I walked to the shop and bought stuff as usual on Saturday. Now with "OD" on joy.

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