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Wednesday 15 May 2002

Blooming spring trees

Pic of the day: Irrelevant but pretty picture. ^-^ Took this while I was off from work last week.

Trivial pain and joy

Well, isn't this a disturbing trend. Yesterday I had an appointment with the people who are trying to fix up my hand and arm and shoulder, at 6 in the afternoon. I was however convinced that it was today, and for some reason I kept my pocket PC in my bag until after 6, so it could not warn me as it tried to. So this afternoon I should call to get a new appointment. Needless to say, I forgot that too. Clearly some force (presumably my subconscious rather than demons) is trying to make sure I stay ill. I can sympathize with this effort, but it is not intentional from my side.

In all honesty, a major factor is the flurry of hectic activity at work. This isn't exactly a good thing in itself, and it also means that I am distracted from such things as appointments of any kind.

Yes, I know I promised to not write about work. Well, I think that when my job makes me hurt from 2 PM till 2 AM, I have pretty well earned the right to say this much. I think I can also tell you that I am going to work half day from now and out May. At least that is the plan, after talking with the doctor. I'm training two of the other guys to do the work I do, in case I'm not there when I am needed. I have no wish to be irreplaceable. The graveyards are full of irreplaceable people.

Anyway, I could write a whole long entry about work, but I honor my words (within reason). I will not write more than is needed to understand the rest of my life.


In much better news, I met an old friend when I was out for lunch today. I met her back when the Internet was still for universities, and we common computer nerds used our modems to log into BBS's. She was fairly active online, a welcome presence in the all too male-dominated milieu. Her practical intelligence and irrepressible good humor made her well liked despite her unusual tastes in music, always a source of puzzlement for the rest of us. Actually some of the stuff was pretty good, but not exactly common. She used to have some Russian or Ukrainian or some such music. Anyway, cool girl.

Well, she is grown up now, but still basically the same person. I see her in the city sometimes, but I don't approach her. I am very reluctant to approach people unless they are my very closest friends. And doubly so if they are already together with someone I don't know. Anyway, this time she came over to me, and we talked for a while. She's into Harry Potter, as is good and proper. We talked for a while, and I crushed my empty chocolate milk box and it wasn't empty after all and I sprayed chocolate milk on my arm and my expensive sweater. Now that's the way to impress women! Oh well, at least it beats that werefox thing...

That was in the lunch break. After work, I bought the Harry Potter movie on DVD. (In all honesty, I had been out looking for it yesterday too, but caught a bus instead. I am not quite that easily influenced, not even by nice young women!)

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