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Thursday 16 May 2002

Spring trees

Pic of the day: More pretty spring trees!

Day bits

Today finally I got another hour of treatment for my arm. And now it hurts more than it has done since Monday. (On Monday, I worked full day. Bad move.) Things are really hectic at work, so even though I should only work half days out this month it hasn't quite taken effect yet. Even so, it didn't feel quite that bad before that guy started work on my knotted neck muscle, which he suspects causes the pain in my arm. (I'm still a bit sceptical of that. I think it is the other way around, but anyway it really hurt when he touched it.)

Luckily I have tomorrow off (because it is Norway's Constitution Day) and Saturday and Sunday off (because it is weekend) and Monday off (because it is Pentecost). 4 work-free days! Woo! Yes! I am quite optimistic about this.


More random news: I've downloaded System Mechanic from Iolo Technologies. Despite the spiffy name, using it has not improved my system in any way and has greatly increased the frequency of serious crashes. If you want to clean up your registry and dead links and leftover files, you cannot rely on this program to identify them correctly for you; you will still have to know what you do. Which means that you may just as well use the tools that came with Windows. I am not going to buy this stuff, and I recommend you don't either. You may as well randomly delete files yourself and see what happens. Just be sure to have backup, or a rollback function like the one in Windows ME.

The Sims Vacation expansion won't be released in Norway till the end of the month, but Morrowind should be in town early next week. Yes, the Elder Scrolls 3, the successor to Daggerfall. I think it is playable on my computer, except I may need yet another 3D card. I hear that it is less mouse-heavy than Daggerfall. It better be, if I am to play it.

I paid a stack of bills today, including the phone bill of nearly $700. Admittedly that is for 3 months, but it is still a lot. Compared to that, upgrading to a Morrowind-ready computer isn't a big deal. If it is anything like its predecessors, it should provide several years of playing pleasure. And screenshots. ^_^


I have got e-mails from a few old friends online. Thank you very much. You know, it is not easy for me to know how you are when you don't have an online diary like I have! I gave up my ESP powers long ago, you know, despite some recent strange events ... They were not reliable anyway, and I prefer sanity, such as it is. Anyway, the point is, if you want me to know that you're alive, mail me!

On the bright side, the friend I wrote about, who I met in the street yesterday ... well, she has taken up writing an online diary too! Yes! Woohoo! More Norwegian south coast life in English, when I simply am not enough. And she has even mentioned me favorably, kind of. (*wags tail*) Well, at least she has adapted my color code concept. Now that is flattering. What is that saying? "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"? Anyway, most of her journal is her own style; even the colors are her own. Showing your true colors, isn't that what they say in English? Anyway, she is ... ordinary but unique!

My song of the day is Lonely Sky by Chris de Burgh, even though there is no reason for it. It is just so pretty.

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