Saturday 15 May 1999


Pic of the day: Marlboro man. I don't know why, but when I shop clothes, I tend to end up with Marlboro Classics. It's not like I'm looking for them or anything. I first find the colors that go with me, and a quality that is comfortable, and then I will try the clothes on to see if they fit my shape and are comfortable to wear. When all this is done, I tend to end up with some of the priciest clothes in the shop, and often as not they're Marlboro Classics. This has gone so far that I've earned the nickname Marlboro Man, despite never having smoked a cigarette in my life.

That's right. Never in my entire life have I smoked a cigarette. I grew up with some kind of asthma, and smoke was not on the recommended list. As a child I did have a certain remote fascination with tobacco advertisements, particularly a brand called Benson & Hedges (sp?) - I haven't seen those in a generation, I think they died shortly after tobacco advertisments were forbidden. But I never actually smoked one. They stink, and rumor has it they're none too healthy either.

Presumably Marlboro clothes and Camel boots and some such are hidden tobacco advertisements. If so, they're not good at it: The Marlboro Classics textiles are comfortable, solid stuff that get better the more I use them. And I still don't want the cigs. I'm sure they will be outlawed sooner or later anyway. That's probably why Marlboro Classics now come with the Utility line. My guess is that they will fade out the Marlboro logo and fade in the Utility logo gradually. But that's just me, I haven't heard this from the "voices in my head", so it might be wrong.

ObDaggerfall_reference: Perhaps wearing the Utility label will increase my reputation with the Utility Mages faction. (Non-Daggerfools please ignore.)

As for today, I didn't rub up against any citizenettes after all. I woke up at normal workday time, and didn't get to sleep after. Speed shopping in the suburbs. Then playing games, reading, uploading files to the Crosswinds site, editing calendars for the early months of the Diary Farms. And as expected for a Saturday, making yummy dinner. As I'm the only one to eat it, I make it tasty and simple, skipping anything that I would prefer not to eat. There are some bright sides to being alone, though it's not all totally paradise. Society is very much designed for families still, despite the recent fission of the nuclear family.

I guess I better stop that line of thought. There are a lot of things I could say, and I may regret it later. :)

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