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Sunday 1 July 2007

Screenshot Oblivion

Pic of the day: Not the south coast of Norway, although it could have fooled me, and I live here. Screenshot from Oblivion. Because I really am that lazy don't live by the seaside anymore.

Another month!

So June wasn't that bad. Too hot for my tastes. Way too hot for my tastes, but it only lasted a couple weeks. I love the fog and I don't mind the rain. Overcast days with just a little wind are the best. Then I can take long walks without getting cooked. And without sun in my face I can read on the bus.

I got my big black computer repaired too. I guess absence really makes the heart grow a bit fonder, at least if nothing better shows up in the meantime. (Always a possibility, so make yourself absent at your own risk!) I was thinking about getting a new desktop in September, when the next expansion for Sims 2 comes out. But really, this one has plenty of power to run the game and all the expansions, probably the next too. Right now I am not sure I even want the next expansion. "Bon Voyage" is a Sims 2 version of "Vacation" from the original Sims game, which frankly wasn't very impressive. But realistically I am probably going to buy it if I am alive and have at least one of my eyes, just because it is Sims 2, the best game made by man (and increasingly woman ... they have a goodly number of females on the project and I think it shows).

Despite my new jogging shoes and pulse watch, which I have used fairly regularly, I haven't lost any weight. My appetite increases to the same degree that I exercise more. Even though I eat less fat than I did until a couple years ago, I just eat more overall.

June was also when I bought the Japanese language course, "Language Now". I have already begun slacking. That sure didn't take long. But I'll probably return to it from time to time, since I am exposed to Japanese almost every day. (Unlike Spanish and Finnish... although I still know how to order beer in Spanish and milk chocolate and ice cream in Finnish. No prizes for which language course I bought first of these.)

Speaking of slack, I seem to have become a regular over at the exceedingly coonservative blog, One Cosmos. I should write more about that soon.

In fact, given that it is the end of July as I write this, I should probably write again soon anyway. July is going to be a fun month with lots of rain. Stay tuned! Drop in - tune out!

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