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Monday 1 July 2002

Hand with strap-on support

Pic of the day: A piece of exoskeleton! Like, dude! I'm becoming a cyborg!

Doing something

It takes a bit to shake me into movement. But in the case of my wrist (and hand, and arm) I have finally done something this summer.

I went to see a doctor, not that it helped any. I went to physiotherapy, not that it seems to have helped much.

Iím writing less, and playing less typing and mouse-oriented games.

Iíve asked for, and got, a gel-filled wrist bar for my workplace.

Iíve ordered, but not yet received, speech recognition software. (My expectations are moderate, since if this thing actually worked, it would be the next killer application and more common than spreadsheets or drawing programs. But I will try to make it work.)

Today I bought a strap-on wrist support, which I am testing now. It works to some extent, but not enough to fully eliminate the strain of typing. Still, taken together with the rest, I hope to reverse the damage over time.

It has taken years to get this bad. It wonít disappear overnight, if at all. But Iím on the offensive now.


(Well, sort of. My hands were worse again today. Reverting to long entries a bit early, I guess. And the Freedom Force demo did not exactly help either. But it was almost worth it to play through the Nuclear Winter scenario with my self-created character Goat Girl ... FF comes to Norway on July 12, but I doubt I will be healed enough to play it by then.)

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