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Tuesday 22 January 2008

Screenshot Oblivion

Pic of the day: Sunset picture from the game Oblivion. Real life is pitch dark when I come home, and usually even when I go to work.

Working long days

We are still picking up the pieces from reorganizing. It is no surprise to me that the higher-ups underestimated the challenges of changing an organization while it runs. I think they honestly did underestimate it, as well as lying a little about the the challenges they actually did see. In any case, until we get into this, I have been working 120% instead of 90%. This is not a bad thing since it allows me to save up time which I can work less later. I am totally going to do that too.

My former coworker was right, there is a lot more work now. For the time being I maintain the databases of 30 municipalities, up from 4. Half of them will be transferred to another worker soon, but for the duration I have these long days.

Not sure how much difference it makes: The days are short anyway at this time of the year. It would probably be dark when I came home anyway, though I think I would at least go to work in some semblance of daylight. And as we say here in Norway: When the sun goes down in the west, the lazy works his best! ^^

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