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Friday 20 January 2006

Old cookies

Pic of the day: They're at least 15 years old. Quite possibly much more.

Expired cookies

I am not sure when I got these Christmas cookies from my mother. I may well have brought them with me from an earlier apartment. The thing is, I don't particularly like cookies, or at least I didn't at the time. (Recently, after my involuntary loss of fat, I've developed a taste for cookies, at least Maryland cookies.) Even as a child, I much preferred the dough over the cookies. My mother may have forgotten that, or she might have thought my tastes had already changed. Anyway, she sent me cookies. I did not eat them. But I did not have the heart to throw them away either. Firstly, because it was food. Throwing away food is kinda like blasphemy. Second, they were from my mother. Throwing away gifts from your mother is also kinda like blasphemy. So they remained at an easy to see place in my kitchen shelf. And there they stayed for year after year after year.

Only now that I am moving out, did the idea occur to me to take a picture of them so I can remember them, even though I don't eat them. Because, well, the thought was good. The cookies may have been too ... but probably not anymore.

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