Wednesday 20 January 1999


Pic of the day: Shades of gray. While I usually dress in warm autumn colors, or green in the spring, I sometimes feel like dressing in black, white and shades of gray. It need not be a statement about my current mood, but sometimes it may.

News from Norway: Telenor, the former telecom monopoly, is engaged to merge with its Swedish counterpart, Telia. A representant from Telia states in the news that this probably means prices won't be going down as fast as they otherwise would. I am not so sure about that: Telia was never the most dramatic competitor (understandably, since the companies have been doing pillow talk for the last year and then some). The main competition comes from Netcom in mobile telephony (extremely common in Norway) and Tele2 in long distance and international calls. I just got the phone bill from Tele2 today, and phone calls to Germany have really tumbled in price since I started. I bet they still have a lot to go, though, since the cost for the phone company is negligible. There is no reason why a phone call from Kristiansand to Munich should cost much more than from Kristiansand to Finnmark, which is further away but within the same country.

Hmm, I'm making much more typing errors today than usual. (I notice most of them as I type, though.) It's like my fingers are not quite as well connected to my brain as they used to be, but land on nearby keys or in the wrong order. I have no idea at all why, and why so suddenly. Hopefully it's just Pepsi overdose (half a liter a day is way over my normal intake). Or perhaps some subconscious process is eating up processing power. Or perhaps I'm starting on the steep decline into senility. (Though this would presumably be more like Parkinson than Alzheimer.) Time will show!

A generous soul has more or less offered me server space for my Daggerfall pages. I'm looking to "outsource" it to gain more space for my other stuff. I have several ideas for the Approximate Truth, and have also pondered putting online some of my writing, or perhaps snippets from my long life. (The latter has the advantage that it need not be probable. Not all of it is.)

This is all, of course, dependent on chocolate poisoning not taking me down first...

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