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Wednesday 26 December 2007

Sims 2 Micropolis: Olsen family

Welcome to 2 Gravel Road! This is your friendly neighborhood guardian angel, here to help you get the most out of your brief lives.

Rory: Could it wait till after I have fed the toddler?

Go ahead, I won't get in your way. I am just a disembodied voice after all. Meanwhile, could the rest of you introduce yourself?

Harry: I am Harry, the older brother. I used to be into romance, and I guess I still am, but right now I am living with my brother and trying to get this family back on its feet. Truth to be told, the fire doesn't burn quite as strong as it used to anyway. I'm not dead yet, though, so don't count me out.

Hans: I am the oldest son, if not by much. I want to earn money and buy stuff. We are broke, so we need every simoleon and every thing we can get our hands on, legally of course. In the long run, I want to own several successful shops.

Sorry boy, that just won't happen in this tiny place. You are a few generations too early. You don't need to entirely fail at life, though. There are other more reasonable goals that can make you happy.

Leon: I am a family guy. I love kids. I want to become a teacher, and of course have my own family as soon as possible.

See, this is the kind of wishes I like to hear. I'll do my best to help you go forth and multiply.

Andrea: I haven't really decided what to do when I grow up. I like to make friends and I hope I will find some here. We haven't really met any.

I am sure you will make plenty of friends soon, although not all of them are your own age.

This seems eerily familiar.

Rory: How so?

Oh, just something I saw in the really near future. So, Rory. This little guy is named Petter? Have you ever considered changing his name?

Rory: There is nothing wrong with Petter. It is a good Norwegian name.

Yes, but it sounds like a job title. Official cat petter or dog petter. You know, I do have the power to help you change that just a little.

Rory: It is no worse than Peter. Sounds like you are about to peter out, you know? I say he should keep it.

Fine by me. And you are a family guy too perhaps? You seem to be a natural with kids.

Rory: No, I am actually into money as well. But I have to take care of my grandchildren first and foremost. There goes my adventurer career, I'm afraid.

Probably. Being the first generation in a new neighborhood is always tough, and especially now with the high cost of living.

Rory: High cost or not, I'll live for as long as I can.

That's the spirit!

My if it isn't Jimmy Ramsey! Long time no see!

Jimmy: Do I know you?

No, but I begin to know you. Which is the best you can hope for: Beings on a lower order of reality gain some measure of solidity by associating with those on a higher order. The six families of Gravel road are the chosen vehicles by which this tiny world can become recognized as somewhat existing to beings on a more real level. But all of this goes over your head, I am sure.

Jimmy: I just want to make friends.

Jean Austin: *Insults*

Andrea: *Is insulted*

Banish this ungrateful wretch! Let her linger in limbo until some future time. Or past, possibly. Most likely future though.

Petter: I am humbled by the responsibilies laid upon me by graduating to schoolkid.

Bus driver: Another one, eh? With families like this, my job is secure!

Do not rejoice too early, the production is temporarily halted. I'll see what I can do later though.

Telephone: Hey, it is Jimmy! Jimmy Ramsey! Remember me?

Hope: Hi, I am Hope Kramer!

Another spontanously appearing life form!

Harry: Are you a boy or a girl?

Hope: Whoa, we have the same hair! I'll look like you when I grow old!

You could, like, cut it before then.

Hans: Looks rather abstract to me.

Harry: I know what I am doing, kiddo. Just wait and see.

Esther Grady: I believe there is still justice in the world.

Rory: I agree.

There is, but I only use it in emergencies.

Hans: I am well on my way to my first business! First we set up a flower shop, then a toy shop, then a pet shop, then...

Oh no you don't. I just gave you something fun to do that can make a little money. You are going to college, but not until next week. After that we'll see about getting you a real job.

Hans: But I want to be a business tycoon!

I can't help that you rolled a crazy lifetime want. Why couldn't you want to become a hall of famer? Have you any idea how much trouble it is setting up a business?

The family that skills together... uh, forget it.

Phone: Hi, it is Jimmy! Jimmy Ramsey! Remember me?


Weekend is mall time!

Leon: Hey cutie, how about going out getting something to drink later?

Arlene Fisher: Over my dead fish!

Seriously, she is always making that face, but she keeps the chat going and going. I think you may have a chance.

Look who's at the mall!

Jimmy: Hey, it's me, Jimmy! Come get hug!

And then it is Sunday night. Everyone is asleep... almost. Well, it is time for me to go back to the summer again. Be seeing you guys.

Rory: Sure! We're not going anywhere.

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