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Monday 24 December 2007

Screenshot anime Ah My Goddess (wings season)

Pic of the day: Yes, parents are called Santa Claus on Earth.

Short: X'ed-mas

The whole Xmas celebration thing is pretty firmly in my past now. I spent Xmas Eve with my sims and generally did the usual stuff that I do when I don't have to work all day. I didn't write any notes or take any pictures. It was just another day.

I am sure my few regular readers know what I think about Xmas. I don't even want to glorify it with the word "Christmas"... the time when it was a Christian holiday, if such a time ever existed, is over here in Norway. It is all about Santa Claus, humanist values, showing off one's money and getting drunk. True, people still flock to the churches, but only a fairly small minority here are Christians anymore, and a priest would not last long in his job if he tried to evangelize or in any other way upset people on Christmas.

And needless to say, there is no Biblical support for the celebration of Christmas. There is no direct prohibition either, since it just didn't exist at the time. There were pagan holidays taking place at that time, but idolatry was already out so there was no reason to go on about specific celebrations.

Even so, some residue from Christmas must be clinging to me, for I am more likely to contemplate the mystery of the Incarnation at this time of the year.

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