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Saturday 3 December 2005

Screenshot CoH

Pic of the day: A portal to another world ... picture from Portal Corp, a facility in the game City of Heroes. A dream within a dream, you may call it.

Game time

I play City of Heroes a couple hours every other day or so, a bit more during weekends since I can stay up when the Americans are out. I am a member of a supergroup on an American server (Steel Justice on the Justice server).

A nice thing about being level 30+ is that it takes longer for the students and other active players (OK, they are probably all students) to pass me by. When you team with someone at level 10, you log on the next day and your former team-mates are now level 15. In a day or two they are 20, and you don't see them again. At level 33, it is a safe bet that tomorrow your partners will be at most 34, and it will take them a week to get to 37, at which point you'll be 34 and can still team with them. That means I form more lasting bonds these days. Still fleeting though.

It seems to me that time almost always moves faster in lower-order worlds. Just look at The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever - he is away a few years and millennia have passed. Or when the Avatar is away from Britannia (in the Ultima series of games) generations pass and he becomes just a legend.

I guess that means that in the world where our Creator lives, time passes much more slowly. ^^ Or perhaps that's just because we tend to create Him in our own image...

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