Friday 3 December 1999

Screenshot Civ2

Pic of the day: Screenshot from Civilization II - Fantastic Worlds - the Mars scenario. I still don't know whether NASA's "Mars Polar Lander" has succeeded in its attempt to touch down safely on the red planet. But anyway, I thought this was a nice and futuristic motive. :)


Others may have famous people reading their web sites, but it seems that I have God reading mine. As a vivid demonstration of yesterday's topic, my stomach went for violent revolution in the middle of the night, ruining my plans of some peaceful sleep. Or going to work in the morning. My stomach physically ached, and I tried to throw up and was not able to. (This is a general problem. The fingers trick doesn't seem to work for me. I know people who would be glad to swap throat with me, but medical technology has not come that far yet.) As I start my diary at high noon, the intestines are still growling, but I seem to be recovering.


You can generally know that I haven't had the best of days when I start writing about religion. It's a pretty sure sign. And despite my quite informal treatment of religion, I do consider myself a believer. I shall try to hold back on the details, though. I know that talking about religion does little good and some bad, unless you can also demonstrate it. (And preferably before the talking.) So despite my own interest, I'll leave the theme be for today.

And since I've nothing else to say instead, I'll not say it here.

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