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Sunday 8 April 2007

The family that farms

Sims2: Hadoc family part 5

As the small years pass, SimEarth once again draws closer to the Summer Sun. While the air is still cold, the snow has melted and the hardy plants of the land grow again. Jane goes to tell the trees about all that has happened while they were asleep.

Meanwhile Vincent tries to convince Christy (the cook and general house help) to make some exotic food that has never been seen in Pleasantview before: Fried eggs.
Christy: "Never! Do you know where those things have BEEN?!"

Vincent is having a big birthday, and everyone is on their best behavior.
[And their formal clothes, thanks to the beauty and goodness that is Monique's "Hacked Computer" from Mod The Sims 2.]

Vincent: Suddenly I feel older! But still cute.
Robert W: Birthday cake!!!
Marisa: Oh no! Birthday cake!!! I think I'm gonna hurl!

Vincent: Yay! I am still as agile as I ever was in my youth!

Jane: Stop trying to bite my hand!

Jane: What's this? Suddenly my clothes exploded and I had these ones underneath, which I don't remember putting on. I think I must be growing old!

Marisa: "What with the parent generation getting old, I guess we should think about adding to the family."
My dear Marisa, you may not have noticed but your husband has wanted a baby since somewhere around your wedding night. It's you who have been thinking only about working and shopping until now.

Vincent: Welcome to dinner, Mr. Fish!
Fish: *angry glare*

Robert W. reaches the top of the journalist career and fulfills his lifetime want. Not that they don't already have enough money for several generations. Earning more just means paying more tax.

[My Sims pay wealth tax. It is part of my "Near Future" scenario, that a family's net worth is taxable with 10% of what exceeds 50,000, payable each Monday. Sadly I have to keep track of it myself, since there is no way to set it up automatically in the game.]

The family that gardens together, hardens together? The family that farms together, swarms together? Warms together? Up in arms together? Whatever the slogan, it looks like they are having fun. (At least until you notice that they are talking to the plants, not to each other...) But where is Marisa?

There she is! Maternity clothes, and maternity hair. Clearly she and Robert W. meant business about expanding the family!

[Yes, her hair spontaneously changed when she popped and changed into maternity clothes. It also spontaneously changed back immediately after the birth. I have never seen that before.]

Although Marisa spends most of ther pregnancy meditating in the living room, she still finds some time to mingle with the guests. Every night, friends and friends of friends from all over Pleasantview and Bluewater meet at the Hadoc Farm to jam on the instruments, dance and have a good time. They will often stay all night, and sometimes several days. Nobody seems to mind.

And then it is time to welcome the third generation of red-cheeked Hadocs. Welcome to the world, little one! We'll call you Arthur, but don't let it go to your head.

[Because I was away from the computer and forgot that it was still running, and when I came back it was asking for a baby boy name. Since I had just been reading about Dr Arthur Light, the DC supervillain, I just hurried to type Arthur before the game would give up and stick him with Baby Boy. But it is an OK name, I guess. Except I forget it after ten minutes.]

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