Thursday 8 April 1999


Pic of the day: Do I look transparent to you?

Nice day, though it started slow. I was extremely tired in the morning. Got up fairly early for me (well before 8) but took some time from there to get awake and ready. Work was as usual. You know, I don't particularly like my workplace, but the actual line of "work" isn't too bad. I am somewhat of two minds about the effect of wading in dozens of cute, fertile females though. Well, actually some of them are probably not fertile anymore, but you'd not guess that by looking at them. I might sneak my digicam to work again some day, but not until the current super-high-stress month is behind us.

Went for a walk in lunch break. Spring has come, though the trees stay stubbornly naked. But it's warmer in the air and the girls have put on more provocative clothing. Well, less clothing but more provocative. I don't mean in an agressive way. I guess in my age bracket "thought-provoking" could be one description.

I had barely come back to the Chaos Node and was still putting today's groceries in the fridge when I got a call from an old friend. I truly love friends, it's just that I have an initiative rating of zero. As soon as you break the ice, though, I'm like totally jumping up and licking your face and wagging my stubby little tail. If you get the picture. Arf, arf.

Food of the night: Croissant, Boston pie, shrimp salad.

Music of the night: "Towards the west" by Kitaro.

Lots of things I should have done, do them sometime if sometime comes. B.B!

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