What daydreams don't tell

A NaNoWriMo novel by Magnus Itland

Copyright 2002 Magnus Itland. All rights reserved.

This is a work of fiction. No real persons, alive or dead, are intentionally included.

Genre: Light fantasy / alternate history / comedy.

Rating: Teen and up (some indecency).

Note: This novel mentions a fictional "succubus", or sexual demon. This may cause fear or loss of sleep in sensitive readers. I recommend that you don't read this novel if you are genuinely worried about demonic influence or have problems with controlling your sexual behavior. (I also recommend that you not watch TV.)

Chapter 1: Mystic Mark the Magic Man

Chapter 2: Enter the succubus

Chapter 3: A deal with the demon

Chapter 4: Chicks love a superhero

Chapter 5: Resident devil

Chapter 6: Just-in-time delivery

Chapter 7: Dating fossils

Chapter 9: Threadbare

Chapter 10: Cat girl

Chapter 11: Parental guidance

Chapter 12: Blonde hair, blue jeans

Chapter 13: Demon cat

Chapter 14: Demonic innocence

Chapter 15: Night Cloud's dilemma