Chapter 3: A deal with the demon

As the first shock wears off, Jon's brain starts working again. He quickly averts his eyes. If you look at the nipples, the succubus has already won. "Cover yourself, woman!"

"With what?"

"Take a pullover, in the commode. Not that low! It's in the top drawer!" Man, that's got to be the roundest butt he has ever seen. Is it even physically possible? She sure wont fit into any of his trousers, even if it had not been an abomination unto God to let a woman wear men's clothes. He turns away in embarrassment. "There's a spare bed sheet under the bed, right side. Come out when you are decent."

"But I'm not supposed to be decent! I'm a flicking succubus!" Jon ignores her protest and closes the door.

"OK, I have clothes" announces the sweet, musical voice from the door. And she is even wearing them. Admittedly the T-shirt is not a pullover in his dictionary, but at least she is not naked. The flannel sheet is wrapped around her hips and legs in the fashion of those south-east Asian skirts, sarong or whatever they are called. Actually those are probably never wrapped that tightly around the legs ... The skirt has more or less the shape of a carrot, and mobility is reduced to unnaturally small steps. All in all, there are hardly any contours lost, up or down. But at least she's not naked. That's something. And it's not like he hasn't seen pretty girls before. He can handle this.

"So, what exactly were you doing in my bedroom? How did you get in there ... and without clothes?"

She looks at him in amazement. "But I already told you! I'm a succubus! A goshdarned demon come to corrupt your soul, but in the most pleasant way possible. No brutality ... unless you like that, of course."

"You're an actual real demon?"

"Absolutely! I can do things that no mortal could possibly do for you ... er, once I get the hang of this. This seems to be my first assignment. I really only have my built-in Guide to Demonic Seduction, and it seems not to have been updated for a few hundred years. Sorry about that."

OK, he should not be so disturbed by this. Demons are real, he knows that for sure. They are mentioned in the Bible. Perhaps not succubi, but certainly the saints of old met them often enough. Perhaps the reason why so few people report succubus visitations these days is exactly the same reason why he did not take her literally at first: Modern girls are already indistinguishable from succubi. Well, except none of them have turned up naked in his bed. Yet.

"OK, so why did you come here of all places? Did Satan send you to test my faith?"

"I don't really have any memories before I woke up in your bed. I assumed I was summoned, but you sure don't seem to behave like the typical succubus summoner."

"I am not! I am a believer. I would never summon a demon. Quite the opposite, I have the power to banish you back to Hell!"

"Uh, don't let us be too hasty here! I don't think Hell would be a good place to be. And it's not like I have actually done any harm, have I? I only try to seduce you. Lots of people try to seduce people, and you don't run around with a crossbow and send them all screaming to Hell, do you?"

"Crossbow? How old is that handbook of yours?"

"1496 by the way you count the years."

"That's really long ago. We're in 2002 now."


"Yeah. I know the feeling myself."

Jon ponders the question briefly. She is right ... he doesn't run around shooting people who seduce other people, so it would be kinda overkill to banish her to Hell for even trying. On the other hand ... "You're a demon, you belong in Hell!"

"Hey! Can I help being a demon? I don't even remember having been anything else. Perhaps I was a fallen angel or something once, or perhaps I just kinda coalesced out of demonic energy or something. But I can't remember any earlier lives. And I certainly haven't done anything nearly as evil as many humans have done, in this life. In fact, most boys would probably be overjoyed to be seduced! It's you who are weird, and I don't want to burn in Hell just because you got issues!"

He's got issues? She's a demon and she thinks he's got issues? If, of course, she actually is ... "So anyway, how do I know you're a real demon and not some insane girl?"

"Would you like me to be an insane girl? That way you would not need to banish me to Hell. You don't banish insane girls to Hell, do you?"

"You are evading the question!"

"I just want to find out whether I should tell the truth or not. I'm here to please you, not to dispense truths. If you prefer a lie, I'm happy to oblige."

"If you're a girl, I will banish you to jail instead. For breaking and entering."

"How about punishing me yourself? I'm a naughty girl and deserve to be spanked!"

"But you just said you hadn't done anything wrong yet!"

"No, but I would if I could. So I still deserve to be spanked."

"You're still trying to seduce me, aren't you?"

"Well, you are my first client. It is important for me to succeed."

"You won't succeed like that. I'm not interested in girls that walk up to me and ask me to sleep with them."

"Sleeping is optional, though I think you'll be really really tired after a few rounds."

"I am not interested in meaningless sex! Do you get that? I want a girl who loves me the way I am, a girl with a soul like my own."

"Then I will love you, if that is really what you want. I will do whatever it takes." She pouts prettily. "Even if it should take weeks. I am going to stay here with you. I'll do your cooking and cleaning if you want, I'll make myself indispensable. I'll win your heart ... and then we'll have wild hot sweaty sex and you'll lose your innocence forever! Bwahahaha! Eh, got a little carried away there."

Jon frowns. "Well, if you really want to make me happy, put on something more decent. Those clothes are so revealing, I can hardly even look your way."

"Yeah, right. And what about you wearing trousers that let me make a pretty good estimate of your own sweet parts? Do you have any idea how many girls that have become hot and bothered looking at you? And those shoulders, mmm!"

"What do you mean?"

"You think only girls can be sexy? You're a real sweetiepie yourself, you know."

"Cut that out!"

"Ooh! Truth hurts!" The demon girl giggles cheerfully. "This is going to be so much fun! Living with a cute, innocent boy until he breaks! If demons could dream, this would be it..."