Chapter 2: Enter the succubus

When does anything ever begin?

As far as Jon Olsen is concerned, it all began a bit less than 6000 years ago, when God created Heaven and Earth. And the angels were by his side when he made the Earth, and they rejoiced at its beauty. And over the course of six days, God filled the world with life, and finally he placed man on Earth. (And, as an afterthought, woman.) But one of the angels did not rejoice at man's happiness. Lucifer, the highest of the angels, found that his Lord's attention had wandered to these lowly creatures of dust. And he burned with envy, and his heart turned from love to hate. And he became the Devil and Satan, the eternal enemy. And with his honeyed tongue he seduced a third of the Heavenly Host, and they fell and became demons. They chose to rule in Hell rather than to serve in Heaven.

Since then, life has been a bitter struggle. Satan took the first victory, in the garden of Eden. God is the stronger, but Satan cheats. But God tricked him in the end, when Satan thought he could kill the Son of God. Now the Enemy is doomed; he may trash like a dying serpent, but in the end God will emerge victorious, and with him all his Chosen Ones. Among them Jon.

Born to be a true believer, his family on both sides were faithful members of the Congregation of the Firstborn. On his father's side, he descended directly from the first Olsen who had founded the Congregation. It's been a while, and it's highly unlikely that either Jon or his father would ever be called on to lead even a local congregation. But still, it is the true name. On his mother's side, the membership only stretches back three generations. His great-grandfather was born Lofthus, but changed his name to the meek and ordinary Hansen when he found the Faith. Yet it is good blood. Not as good as his father, but then again it is right and natural that the man should be nobler than the woman. That is the way God created them, after all: The man is the woman's head. He is to do the thinking and make all the hard decisions. The woman should be obedient and supportive.

Sadly Jon don't have any obedient and supportive women as of yet. At barely 18, he has just recently moved out of his parents' home to study agro-processing, a field of study not available at home. At least it is nothing overly academic: It is a well known fact that universities tend to rob people of their faith and make them complicated and cynical. But this study is less academic, so should be reasonably safe. Also Jon has been blessed with a vision, back when he was 14. His recently departed grandmother came to him in a dream ...

"Jon! Jon!"

"Here I am, Grandma. You called for me?"

"Jon, you have been chosen by the Creator to have the true faith."

"Haven't we all?"

"To believe what is true is not faith; that is science. To believe what is not true, and to make it true, that is faith."

And then his grandmother had started to shine, brighter and brighter, until the room was filled with light and he had to close his eyes. When he opened them again, he was awake in his bed. He had told his parents of the dream, and they agreed that he had been Chosen. His two brothers had mocked him, but his father had spanked them both. You do not mock your elder brother; in the law of Moses, the elder brother had a double share in the heritage. Was not Jesus himself firstborn? Yes, Jon is a chosen one. He has the Faith. He is the true servant of the Creator.

And so this evening he knelt in prayer. "Almighty Creator, I ask of thee that thou will reveal to me where and how to use my faith. Lead me to the miracles that I shall perform in thy name and for thy glory! As you have made me, let me glorify thy name. For I am thy servant and thy vessel. Thy will be done, forever and ever!" There was more, actually he had it going for quite a while; prayer is good and right. But that was the gist of it. He had listened to a very edifying tape by the High Shepherd Ole O. Olsen, who had spoken warmly of being a servant. Filled with the true glow of faith, Jon had felt that tonight his hour had finally come. A sweetness filled him, a joy and a power that seemed to flow and swirl through him and around him physically. It was as if he was losing himself in a maelstrom of power he had never before imagined, in which everything was possible. If the dead had been lying before him, he would have raised them! If the sick and cancerous had been crowded about him, he would have healed them. If all bridges had been burned, he would have walked on water. If demons had been lurking in human souls, he would have ripped them out and revealed them. At the thought, a crescendo of power overwhelmed him, and he fell to his knees, unable to speak or even think. He was shuddering, sobbing, his very soul open. And then, more suddenly than it came, the feeling faded.

He stood up, and was amazed that his knees would barely hold him upright. His legs felt like rubber, his arms like lead. It was as if all strength was drained from him. It was as if some part of himself had been given up. How strange, that such a sacrifice should happen before he even got the opportunity to show his faith! But there is no debating with the tiredness that fills him, as he walks the short distance to his bedroom. The apartment here is hardly luxurious; though his parents are well rewarded by their God, they have only rented a modest little apartment for him, no more really than he was used to having as his own rooms at home. But it has the essential rooms, and he is not forced like many other students to live with a godless heathen room-mate. Many of them are probably homosexual too. He shudders, and opens the door to the bedroom. He turns on the light, and it floods the room. He stops dead in his tracks.

On his bed lies a young girl, no more than a teenager herself. She has bright red hair, lots of it. And that's all she has. The hair happens to not conceal anything important, and so he can't help but notice that she is exceedingly curvaceous. Indeed, she must be the most alluring woman he has ever seen naked. Not to mention the only one.

While he stands there frozen in shock, and continues to do so for quite a while, she sits up and looks at him with improbably large green eyes. Then she smiles uncertainly. "Hi! You must be the mortal who has summoned me. I'm your personal succubus, and I'm here to seduce you. I hope it's all right if you help me though, because you're my first customer and I have never seduced anyone before."