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Saturday 25 March 2006

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Pic of the day: "No way I'm gonna get some." Actually he is talking about chocolate, but I saved this picture for just a day like today anyway.

Half-truths, me and sex

Sometimes I just hint at things and then I think I have explained them. But have I really? Perhaps people get the whole wrong impression.

Since I am a Christian, and since I make a big deal of being more single and celibate than the average pope, the casual reader may assume that I consider it some kind of service to God. It is not, of course. I have no idea how the poor Catholics got trapped in that idea, so their priests need to be single. My favorite theory is that it was in order to ensure that the Church got all the money, since they did not need to feed a family. But the truth is that I don't really know. I know however that I strongly disagree. God is not an organic being, so he should be squicked by human sexuality. And the Devil did not create our genitals any more than the rest of our body. When the Bible strongly warns against adultery and fornication, it is a public service. People who do that kind of things destroy themselves and others, by spreading diseases and by debasing feelings that were meant to be strong and pure to keep families together. (In this regard there is not much difference between God and Evolution: They both are utilitarian. Don't think that you can do God a service.)

I thought I had said it, but probably not clearly enough. The reason why I don't ever consider marrying is not that I want to be free to pursue my religion and philosophy. That's just a fortunate side effect, and one I don't exploit to the fullest. The real reason is that I can't have sex anyway. Make love, whatever. Seriously. Well, theoretically I could, at some future time. Theoretically I could also win a Nobel Prize or become an Olympic athlete, but in practice it won't happen. In the case of sex, I would need some penile surgery, psychotherapy, and years of training. It is not impossible, but it just doesn't make sense when I don't desperately need it. I know there are people who are born without hands and become painters. More power to them. I don't have that kind of dedication, and I would need it to overcome the obstacles to making love. My principle is a different one: If at first you don't succeed, try to find something you have a talent for and do that instead.

I don't think I need to go into details, with color photographs and all. Just accept it as a fact: I won't ever have sex, and thus I won't ever consider marrying anyone, and thus I won't need all the trappings of family life. This does indeed free up a lot of time and money which I use in other ways. But that's effect, not cause. I really am not that noble and dedicated. I am an opportunist at heart. It is just that my opportunities are not your opportunities.

I have explained that porn, as usually known, does not excite me, and probably because sex is not a realistic temptation to me. Perhaps some of you thought this was because I (pretended that I) was so holy and spiritual. Or perhaps you thought I was modest and shy. A guy who has been advertising his own life and ideas for more than 7 years? Modest and shy? Hah! Well, the plain truth is that sex would not be a pleasant experience. While I do have a sex drive, definitely, it is not attuned to the common activities, which would not work. The woman and I would both flee screaming.

Got it?

This certainly puts me in an unflattering light. Then again, and this may be the pride I really suffer from: I think an unflattering light is better than full darkness.

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