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Saturday 18 March 2006

Winter road

Pic of the day: Took a walk again.


It was Wednesday that I had my broken tooth cut down to size, and a small silvery-looking cap placed upon the nub to protect it while I waited for a week and a day for the ceramic crown. It hurt a little the first day, but nothing I could not ignore. The pain faded pretty much completely on Thursday. Today it was back, and grew worse all through the day. I ignored it at first, because it was a toothache and the tooth had been treated harshly so it was in its right to complain. I took a long walk as usual on a Saturday, but I kept feeling worse, and soon the pain spread through my upper jaw to my sinuses and my right eye. (The tooth was on the upper right side, a premolar I'd guess it's called.)

I started to worry. This is not supposed to happen after you have pretty much recovered. The gums were quite tender and even raw, and I did suspect that the metallic cap might have upset them. But I did not try to get it off, which would probably not been easy anyway. I don't particularly want my half-naked tooth exposed to the elements with no enamel to protect it.

Obviously I survived that, since I am writing this some days later. It was indeed the cap, says my dentist, who first did not believe it until he saw my swollen gums. Or will not believe it until he sees ... as far as you are concerned, it is still Saturday, right? Time is such a confusing thing. It can be hard enough in real life to not remember anything from the future.

It is going to hurt on Sunday too, and then fade gradually the next day.

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