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Saturday 6 January 2007

Fog in the valley

Pic of the day: I took this picture just after I cam back. It is not obvious since you can't see the river, but the fog follwed it loyally. Something special about this weather, I guess.

Raining on my paradise

The late morning was cold and clear, the sun streaming in through my windows. I enjoyed this not just for the sheer prettiness, and the novelty of actually seeing sunshine again after many weeks of almost unbroken rain (well, sometimes just drizzle). There is also the small point that North Corporation called me on Thursday (when I was home sick) to tell me that my computer was repaired, but it had rained yesterday so I could not go pick it up. Now I looked up the bus times, because the bus goes much less frequently on the weekends. It is mostly a commute bus, really, but there is still some activity on Saturdays so there is one each hour or so.

There is about 10 minutes to go to the bus, to be sure to catch it. Actually you can get from the door to the bus stop in 8 minutes (two minutes more than the other bus stop) but it is not a good idea to start putting on your shoes at that time. And with temperatures below freezing, it is slower; not recommended to run on partly iced-over roads! So I walked out the door well in time to catch the bus.

It rained. Magically the clouds had managed to swoop in and were busy dumping rain on the frozen ground. Quite apart from the extremely slippery surface, it meant that I would not be able to carry the computer outdoors. I guess I could bring a box, but the thing is hard enough to carry as is. I decided to bow to the manifest will of fate, and went to the shop for groceries instead.

When I returned home from the supermarket, the sun was shining from a blue sky. But by then it was too late, the shops close early on Saturday, and the next bus would not be there in time.

It will probably be sun tomorrow, then rain again when the shops open again on Monday. But see if I care. I can do with the grandfather computer for the time being. Especially since I now have the laptop for playing Sims2. I miss the dictation software, though. Of course, once I get it back, I will probably get a sore throat...

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